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  1. Yeah this makes a lot of sense. I really like the Jesus turning water into wine xample. I really feel like I've come to the understanding of this subject very well, but I think being judged by other people who don't know anything about poker is where it's hard for us poker players. I mean, imagine going into a church with people not liking your lifestyle. I know every church knows that people sin and that they should not judge people based off of that, but when the subject is about gambling and "taking money from others", it's as though this is worst than any other sin.
  2. awesome thanks, I needed that link. I didnt know u can search for people's posts with filters like "personal". I'm still trying to figure out how it's done. I'm able to search for every post that DN makes, but I cant seem to find a way to filter.
  3. I totally agree and that was one of my reasonings when I was talking to my pastor. However he says "you are contributing to something that creates suffering for other people"
  4. Hi guys,I recently spoke to a pastor about some problems in my life and I revealed to him that I was a professional poker player (this occupation has nothing to do with my problems btw). Instead of going deep into my problems in life which is why I went there in the first place to do, I ended up having a little debate with him whether or not playing poker is a "righteous" thing. Of course, there are definitely arguments that can go both ways, but then again there are just so many professions out there that are not "righteous". For example: owning a fast food restaurant. The food is unheal
  5. Daniel, After you download utorrent, I recommend the following sites to find your torrent files on your favorite televisions. I have gone thorugh an enormous amount of torrent download sites and i find these to be the most convenient. Torrent Siteshttp://thesprawl.se/www.bt-chat.comPS. I've been holding out on posting here for some time, I'd like to get back into the community
  6. Haven't posted for awhile, just randomly found this link. http://myluckyskills.com/wp-content/upload...e%20playing.JPG
  7. LoL,I just love that whenever people bash on DN, they all seem to say one thing in common..."I used to respect...i did respect....i used to be a fan...loved your game...you were my favorite poker player..."After awhile it gets a little repetitive... as if people just say that to break the guy's heart or something.
  8. relax, sheeshdidnt think i'd get flamed for asking a question...just because i have an account doesnt mean i know everything that is going on here
  9. the big tournament is Tomorrow Feb 16? I guess with all the hectic traveling i'm assuming DN is not playing at Commerce?
  10. I'd like to mention that by the way your opponent played passively, he has no clue you're on top set
  11. Yeah, I just emailed them regarding that. The reason why is because I want to make that first 100% deposit. I don't want to depsosit right now and not receive the 100% bonus just because my account did not recognize that I am a charter member. Once the email gets back to me I'll let you all know. BTW this site loooks badass.
  12. Interesting? anyone else? As soon as I get more post, I'll tell you my story.
  13. Seat 1: Villain ($109)Seat 2: ($17.55)Seat 3: ($26.60)Seat 4: ($22.50)Seat 5: ($20.50)Seat 6: ej-dub ($36.50)Seat 7: ($80.60)Seat 8: Hero($49.10)Seat 9: ($22.10)seat 9 posts the small blind of $0.25villain posts the big blind of $0.50The button is in seat #8*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Hero [Kh Qd]foldsfoldsfoldsfoldsfoldsfoldsHero raises to $2foldsVillain calls $1.50*** FLOP *** [Kc 6c 7s]Villain checksHero bets $4Villain calls $4*** TURN *** [Kc 6c 7s] [Jc]Villain checksHero checks*** RIVER *** [Kc 6c 7s Jc] [5d]Villain bets bets $5Stylistic calls $5*** SHOW DOWN ***pot ($21.15) How would yo
  14. Honestly whenever I'm in position and an opponent raises early position i'd like to reraise with a hand like 88-10/10 just to see where he's at, an advantage to me since I am goin to be in position on the flop. If my opponent caps it preflop, I have a few ways to win the pot thinkin that he should have JJ-AA.I can possibly win the pot ifa) i hit a setB) no high cards come out and he has AK or AQc) if he does have a bigger pocket pair, I have the ability to scare him off if a K or an A falls. When these cards fall, I'm goin to be a bit agressive and see if I can sense weakness. In case wher
  15. yeah, I was going to start a forum on this topic as well.That book is truly amazing. It's sad, Poker lost a great player, the whole time ever since i knew about Stu Ungar, I've always thought about how he'd be like today....but he's made himself a legend on the FELT.
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