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  1. I cashed out all my online $$ a few months ago, and I want to start playing again. Every credit card I try on FT gets denied...something like "we cannot process your request at this time". I tried to load some cash out of my checking account on Epassporte, but it's apparently not available until Oct 22, when it the past, it loaded immediately. Can anyone provide any alternatives or advice?
  2. Is it me, or do the new graphics really suck?
  3. I created an epassporte account not too long ago, and although they're slow, they've proven to me that they are a viable option. They took the FULL 7 business days to put the 2 small deposits in my account, but after I verified the deposits, everything was fine. It took them 4 business days to transfer the money from my epassporte account to my bank account. I guess the moral of the story is that Epassporte works, but they're slow...probably due to Neteller shutting down. The down side is that they charge $5 to deposit anything amount up to $100, and they charge $2 per cashout. I also fou
  4. I'm having the same problem with calling, and with verifying my bank account. I'm starting to get really nervous though because I cashed out $300 from FT to epassporte, and everything was fine. But I just checked my account and it was empty and I haven't done anything. I'll definetly be done online if this $300 doesn't turn up. Anyone know if epassporte is having any trouble with the site right now?
  5. not everyone that is in financially actually plays. There are probably people you've never heard of that are a financial part of the Corporation, they just don't play. Probably even some non-poker players.
  6. I'm really not sure how much I'll even get to play since we're leaving on Sunday...we'll probably get a few hours in I'm sure. I was just curious if any other FCP'ers were going to be there.
  7. Is anyone going to this next weekend? A friend of mine and I are leaving Friday night to get there Saturday morning. We paid $170 to attend. T.J. Cloutier, Robert Williamson, and others are scheduled to speak. Linda Johnson stated that Daniel was going to speak in her Cardplayer article, but he isn't on the "official" list, so who knows. If anyone is going, we should have an FCP get together or something.
  8. Anyone know how to get this on an iPod?
  9. I agree. I was shocked. Not sure of the casue of death though.
  10. part of it anyway...they divided it into 8 sections. Anyone know how to save this or convert it to an MP3 to save on an iPod?
  11. Anyone know when Pokertracker will release an update that will work with Bodog?
  12. Wasn't exactly maniac poker...pretty sure I had the best hand most of the time. I did call a raise with bottom pair, but also had open ended straight draw.I must say I did hit a couple hands that helped out. But I'm not sure I ever showed down a hand besides the final one. I had A6 against his 33, and the board came KKxKK. That was lucky, but it was a race before the flop.SFKid, thanks for setting this up, it was fun.
  13. The match is set for 6:30 Eastern tonight if anyone cares.
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