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  1. I'm working on clearing a deposit bonus too, so I may take a shot or two and see how I do (I'll get one more FPP for the $6.50). I've got plenty to feel comfortable in the $3.40s even if I lost two $6.50s in a row ...I know 32 is a pretty small sample, but considering how high the ROI is, I can't imagine that it's not statistically significant enough to say that I'm not a winning player.
  2. I started with nothing on Pitbull, won $15 in a freeroll and have built it up to $110 playing .05-.10 NL. Eventually I'll get an e-passporte account to move it over to Stars.Absolute does have .02-.04 limit hold'em tables that are ridiculously easy. It'll take forever to build it up, but it can be done.You'd probably have to get it up to at least $20 before you should even think about taking a shot at the NL tables, since the minimum buy-in at the lowest limit is $4 ... keep playing freerolls and grind away the .02-.04.
  3. So I started playing the $3.40 HORSE turbo SNGs a few weeks ago and have been killing these games.32 played, 9 wins, 4 second, 5 third, 47.8% ROI.Admitedly, I took my first "shot" at one of these (if you can call a $3.40 tournament that) when my roll was pretty short, only around $15, but I managed to win two in a row, which made the buy-in much more comfortable. I've since built it up to more than 20 buy-ins, the amount most say you should have at a bare minimum for SNGs.Here's my question ... given my results at the $3.40 level, do I have a big enough edge to take a shot or two at the $6.50
  4. I agree that structures like this are great, but how long are your home games? It would take about six hours to play one 9-man SNG at this rate ... I know that my home game generally plays 3-4 hours of cash game, then a turbo SNG at the end of the night that ends in 90 minutes or so ... for most home games (or at least the ones I play in), a structure like this would be far too onerous ... I know I'd be frustrated if I played for four hours and finished on the bubble. Rather play cash games and break even at that point, at least there's some variety there.
  5. Here's the deal ... Scott Baio knows he wants to marry this chick Rene. And he's probably known it for quite awhile. He also knows that he hasn't had any work in God knows how long. Pretty much all is income comes from residuals from Happy Days and Charles in Charge.So he comes up with a plan to make him seem like a guy going through a life-changing moment. He's probably already made all the changes that this "Doc Allie" would advise him to make. But he turns it into an 8-part reality show, thus increasing his likeability and his publicity.End story.
  6. I thought season 2 was going to suck, but I'm actually pretty impressed. i love the younger brother, easily the best character on the show, and the awkward exchange between him and the other girl was very well scripted, wondering where that's going.The acting seems to have gotten a lot better, especially with Declan and Kyle, though all their scenes together end up being slightly homoerotic ... seriously, guys don't act like they do, but whatever.This acting improvement, however, does not apply to Amanda, who is probably the worst actress on television.Jesse is pretty good though ... I can't b
  7. His best friend is just truly pathetic. I'm curious how much of this is scripted and how much is real.The best part is that the big brother from the wonder years looks exactly like he did 15-20 years ago on the show. And I like that he's at least normal.
  8. How about adding a "Wild" card game as the first in the rotation?I've organized a 24-hour cash game with a semi-structured mix the last two years, and the best suggestion I've seen is HORSE P (Pinneapple, of course).
  9. Unclear where Montana Banana came from, but here's a little history ...http://dictionary.pokerzone.com/Montana+Banana
  10. I used to hate him, but Tony G has really grown on me ... "Yeah. Yeah baby. Come on Russian, get out. It's time to go. Yeah! Look at this, look how he's playing. Look how ugly this is! You're a professional player and I can do this to you. You are a terrible player. This is disgraceful. Bring the Russians on. Bring more Russians on. I'm here to get 'em all. You played that as bad as you can. Your career is finished. You are gone, gone, gone. Feel the power! You feel my power baby? Feel my power. Is this how you play? You call with King-Jack? Which school have you been to? No, he doesn't deserv
  11. The Bicycle Casino has a play-for-free Internet poker room which has "Big 2" games ... I learned by trial and error, and thanks to the above posters, I finally get why I couldn't by my diamond over a club (I'd been thinking bridge ranks).It is fun, and I would liken it to ashhole ... never played for money either, but the play money games on The Bike's software are pretty easy to beat!http://www.thebike.com/play_for_free/index.php
  12. Boo, unexpected room of evil. Hooray beer!
  13. We all know by now that PokerNews.com got the exclusive rights to provide live updates at the WSOP. And I have to say they did a pretty good job, in my opinion ... and I know I wouldn't want to be in charge of 50 interns running around counting chip stacks.I'm curious, however, how long they will keep promotiong their WSOP coverage as the top story on their home page ... whattya think?
  14. One thing that's important to remember is that this study was only on heads up limit hold'em ... probably the easiest of all poker variants to program a bot for.Granted, the humans barely squeeked out a win, but I'd like to see a bot take on a full ring game, or a NL game. That would be a much more difficult task.
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