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  1. Hello! Long time since I've been here, glad to be back.In a few months I'm going back to Full Tilt with a bankroll, and I'm going to multi table. I remembered that someone referred me to RakeUpdate.com back in 2007! Almost 4 years ago.I totally forgot all about it, stopped grinding poker seriously, cashed out my account and here I am.For the last few months I've been working out my plan, and I realized i'd be stupid not to use rakeback if I'm raking so many hands multitabling.My rake account is still active (I have no clue how), and I have 45$ in there (LOL)here are my questions.1. I'm going t
  2. What's wrong with a French Canadian Cougar?
  3. That's a really good story. lolDo you guys ever do the home game thing with a bunch of pros?
  4. No, I know, I rounded down.But I obviously wont make 400$ a month at the 10$ tables.Most of my money will come from grinding 50$ and 100$ nl near the end. But that kind of math is beyond me.
  5. So I need to make about 380$/month, but am not the math whiz to account into moving up in limits and making more BB/H.
  6. Starting tomorrow, I get windows 7, and ditch Linux, which means I can play online poker once again.Probably will multi table 3 tables or 4 tables, beginning with 10$ or 25$ max NL/10$ SnG tables on Full Tilt PokerI'm assuming I should have about 1000$ before I move up to 25$nl.Let's GO!!!Below is a very similar enterance that I made while sauntering over to my computer to make this post.How I've returned to FCP, years older, and wiser.***But in all seriousness, I welcome myself back to this fine community, wish me luck. I'll definitely be updating this "blog" and be more active. Good to be ba
  7. I went out this afternoon to my local casino to play some 5/10, and these guys attacked me, I was scared for my life... A local witness filmed the incident and put it on youtube, if any of you recognize this gang, please let me know. The strange thing is, they didn't take any money.
  8. XD XD XD!!!!I commend you sir, that got me loling.Thank you all for the replies It was very helpful.
  9. I've googled and inquired, but to not much avail, I don't really have a clear-cut answer, just that "depends on this..." "depends on that."Since Neteller froze people's funds years ago, and I've been told to use Instadebt to transfer to online sites, I'm just curious as to the legality of these things, and if I could be given some insight. - I just don't want to deposit like 300$ onto fulltilt, build up a bankroll, then withdraw and get anally raped.Thanks, I'd really appreciate it, I've been stuck in live home games for a year, I'm getting the shakes, I needz mah unline pahker.
  10. Thanks for all the feedback, only thing i really can ask now, is there any... legality issues with doing this? e-passports, instadebt, etc? Is there any risk of funds getting frozen in this process? I don't really know the ins and outs, or fine-print of the new law.
  11. If someone would be so kind as to explain the process of instadebt. :/
  12. I'm Canadian, so I was still using neteller when the scourge of the anti-online poker bill was passed in the states, then it moved here.If you would be so kind... what do you guys do these days? For those of you on fulltilt, what would be the best way to get my funds from my bank onto the website... then the best way to get it off.
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