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  1. Big game Tuesday. Habs or Leafs get #1?
  2. tried to join in late but didnt realize it was down to a 4 person tourney.
  3. top three in the draft? Or do the Leafs manage to finish worse than the Habs
  4. its been a while and i saw it was page 666 so i thought i'd post
  5. Cody Franson is a great addition. Quality kid in Jr with the Giants. Sorry to see him become a Leaf. Nice move by Burke
  6. Tim Connolly has 0 goals and 12 assists in his last 28 playoff games. I guess it's a moot point now that he's with Toronto.
  7. I'm looking at it going 5. Thoughts?
  8. There is more than a hockey forum here? Who knew!
  9. Only 26 years and 10 Cups different but who's counting.
  10. What Canadian team hasn't played in the Finals in the last 20 yrs?
  11. 17 years isn't that long between Cup Finals.
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