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  1. i'm in...as long as there is no draft..
  2. that's what i was thinking...i just noticed a few minutes ago when this new full tilt commercial came on..then, my natural course of action was to google jennifer harmon cleavage..look at those things at the beg. of the commercial!Visit My Website
  3. really?? i havent noticed before..that looks like a mega push-up bra, or she had a little work done...oh well..
  4. did jen harmon get some new boobs?
  5. congrats jc... can you ask the stars uppers to turn off my doom switch??.... k thx
  6. -i hoped you guys would agree that vid was thread worthy... i hope the owner of that vid has more where that came from..
  7. yea, that's why my boy maravich added this video to my facebook...he said this dude sounds exactly like me after i busto a tourney...lol... im not sure who wrote the dialogue for this video, but that guy is a freakin genius.
  8. a friend of mine just posted this on my facebook wall..i laughed pretty hard when i watched it... i thought i'd share it with you guys..hopefully this isn't a re-post...i haven't been on the poker forums much the past few weeks..http://www.xtranormal.com/watch?e=200902210639326
  9. So, i jsut came across the new BK Burgershots commercial..i was wondering if anyone knows the name of the smokin hot chick at the very beginning..she has a tan halter top on.. anyone know where i can find a list of the cast for the commercial? i already did some google-ing and youtube-ing, with no success..
  10. -played basketball with brandon boyd and mike from incubus-smoked it up with 311 in a random parking lot in my home town-in 8th grade i was 4/4 from half court for the season..2 of the half court shots won games..
  11. what a beast...i pull up the final table, and looshe proceeds to win every single hand...lolgg looshle
  12. _what the hell is this guy thinking...seriouslyPokerStars Game #19922858961: Tournament #103653425, $5.00+$0.50 Hold'em No Limit - Level V (75/150) - 2008/08/26 - 19:14:21 (ET)Table '103653425 83' 9-max Seat #1 is the buttonSeat 1: kdw84 (7700 in chips) Seat 2: neilly88 (30555 in chips) Seat 3: twist tie 2 (14619 in chips) Seat 4: White Tabel^ (6125 in chips) Seat 5: 1stdraw77 (7575 in chips) Seat 6: Dr. T Leary (6575 in chips) Seat 7: fisarn (4370 in chips) Seat 8: A_L_N_A_444 (8903 in chips) Seat 9: YEBOBOZ (5563 in chips) neilly88: posts small blind 75twist tie 2: posts big blind 150*** HOL
  13. alicia is the hottest ive seen..but, i think moceanu was the most fun to watch..moceanu
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