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  1. Thanks for the advice! Good luck to you too! :-)
  2. Hi everyone,I'm new to Omaha and I wanted to know your opinion on which game is best for an Omaha beginner with a Hold'em background to learn first, pot limit or 8-or-better? Thanks.Jonathan
  3. hasn't huck won the main event?so has varkonyi. 'nuff said.
  4. Buy and apply what you've read out of Small Stakes Hold 'Em by Malmuth and Sklansky.Everyone forgets that Ed Miller also co-wrote SSHE. Poor guy. :?
  5. If you're looking for a good limit game, try the Hustler Casino in Gardena. Nice set up, only one blind, and look for Mercy, the cocktail waitress. She's definitely easy on the eyes. Good luck!Edit: You can't say c--tail?
  6. "bust that motherf___"...old old news. he apologized and still does cuz no one drops it.
  7. There is a lot of hostility and disrespect out there towards Phil H. True, he acts like a child when he suffers a bad beat, but as for his poker skills, you can't deny that he has them. The guy does have 9 WSOP bracelets. I think that he sticks to the "old school" fundamental, ABC poker while today's players tend to be more loose. I think it's a matter of adapting to the opponents strategies and tendencies. People should just give him a break. I'm just sayin'...
  8. As far as I know, it never went up. Weird. Maybe someone should put it up...
  9. I think it might have something to do with the RGP and DN's challenge.
  10. True, this isn't about strategy. From what I've seen, the serious players come to the strategy section to learn from one another. The section you want is the general section. This thread should be moved.
  11. you could take josh arieh's approach:Another question I get is “How did you take it to that next level?” I consider this as a moving up in limits question…. For you conservative people out there, please skip this section, it may cause you heart problems. I have always been one to take a risk. If I had $1000 to my name, I would sit in the $20-$40 game…. $500??? I would go to the 10-20 game… I was never scared to take a chance because I always believed in myself and knew that eventually I would catch a break and put a string of victories together… Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to risk
  12. ditto bro. hey, maybe i'll see you there (if i can get away from my gf!).
  13. is that pic from the wynn? i wonder if the poker room is that dark...
  14. do you take a percentage of your BR and use it for bills? do you stay at a limit, keep your BR large enough to take swings, and then use the surplus for bills? if that's the case, what limits are best to stick to if you're looking to supplement your income? what other ways can a person manage their BR to supplement their income? thanks in advance.
  15. the pyramid. stands the test of time...just ask the egyptians. :shock:
  16. I put them in stacks of 20, in pyramid form. Once the pyramid gets too big, I usually get a color change and start the pyramid over again, using the larger chip as a card protector.
  17. I believe Mike was acting, trying to get KGB to think that he missed his straight draw. Fortunately for Mike, he had flopped the nut straight.
  18. Although I think that this is a great question and one that I would be very interested in hearing the answer to, I think you'd be better off emailing DN the question. Just hit the "contact" button on the top left corner of the page. Oh, and if he does answer, be sure to pm me what he said or go ahead and post it! Thanks!
  19. I'm confused as to what you're asking. You say you want to switch to limit but you ask about no limit cash games. If you're working on mastering no limit, stick to tourneys until you feel confident enough to hit the ring games. Tourneys are different from live games in that you have to be more patient. There aren't any levels so you don't have to rush. I'm sure you already know this, but I'm just trying to be thorough. If you're trying to make a living out of it, I wouldn't suggest no limit. There are/have been many players who can play no limit for a living, but on the whole it's much
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