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  1. If you have no reads on him you really have to call here, even if you know your beat by the river. You need to know what he is holding so you can know how he played his hand and use that information to your advantage when you're involved in hands with him later on. I know it's painful to have to pay a BB for information but sometimes you have to do it.And do I really need to mention your getting 13 to 1? I think your ace will be good here 1 in 13 times, at least.
  2. I have finally reached the point in my poker career where I am crushing small stakes hold em games and as I continue to build my bankroll toward playing the $3/$6 tables and am playing for hours a day I have realized how profitable it can be to be involved in a rake back program. But unfortunately I don't know shit about them. So can anyone who knows a thing or two about rake back programs please explain a few things to me? Generally I would like to know what the best rake back programs to be involved in for Party Poker or Empire Poker are and also are these rake back programs trusted? I seem
  3. and then you can parlay that and play heads up w/ DN parlay that and you can invest in your own islandparlay your investment by hiring hookers to come live on the island and host tournaments where all players must receive a blowjob while playing, anyone that busts their load is immediately knocked out, chips being removed from play, their buy-ins confiscated...no one will have a problem with this because they just came...that's the key man...parlay poker babyHere here!
  4. You are right, I had aces almost back to back last night and the first time I trapped Kirk and doubled up off of him. The second time I was UG and I knew someone would raise so I limped in, cut off raised it to two on top of the .50 blind, Kirk raised it to $12 all day, and this was literally less than 10 minutes after I just showed aces, I do a little bit of acting to make myself look weak, and then I push all in on top, having them both covered. The first kid thinks about it for a second and then calls, and so does Kirk.Cut off turns over pp4's and Kirk turns over pp5's. I turn over my aces
  5. I've been playing poker for about 6 months now, mostly online, but a friend I work with recently started holding NLHL cash games at his house, every night of the week.We play $20 buy in with up to 10 people on some nights, and at least three or four people are always a $100 deep or more every night, so there is a lot of money on the table every night, and the people I play with are literally ATM's. Just waiting to hand me their money.I think that playing online however, has ruined my live game. I've talked to a couple other people that I play poker with that also play online and live games and
  6. I'm a server at a TGI Fridays in New York, your post cracked me up. I knew right away what you were hinting at.It's so true sometimes. Well most of the time. Okay.. Almost all the time. There are exceptions though, no doubt.I don't know about Canadians though, I don't get many of them down here in Binghamton.I'd replace Canadians with large groups of old women. They each leave a $1.25 in quarters on the table in front of where they each were sitting, no matter what the bill is. Like clock work.. It's kind of scary.
  7. Come on now. He's Uncle Buck. Uncle Buck has no standards.
  8. Also is there any "rules" about when to stop when loosing? I thought I read somewhere stop for the day or something with your down 30BB's?
  9. $25 no limit tables and .50/1 limit tables.. yeah i am, what choice do i have though on party poker? that is the lowest limits they offer..meant to put this in the bad beats section anways, sorry if this post annoyed anyone by being under here.. im tired
  10. "jackwad"... i like that word
  11. I've had the worst day of poker today that I've ever had. I started out with $214 and I'm down to $36. I even moved my last 50 from PP to InterPoker and still got cracked and sucked out on when I was -way- ahead.I sat here and burned through almost $200 today not because I was on tilt or emotional, but because I put my money in every time I was ahead today and I was outdrawn 90% of the time I was ahead today, literally.I'm not a pro by any means, I've only been playing now for 4 or 5 months, but I am better and am a consistant winner against these idiot low level players.Has anyone else had th
  12. Yesterday I had $28 in my PP account, I started playing a $25 6-max NLHL Table and turned that $28 into $214 by the end of the night.Today I start out with $214 playing the same tables, get a great run of cards, and then all of a sudden, I start getting one hand cracked after another.I find myself down to $114.. So I drop to the .50/1 limit tables.. I just got done with a grand total of $86 in my account. I litteraly lost -every- time I was ahead. I was sucked out on the river -every- time I was ahead on the flop. Sets to runner runner flushes, top pair to bottom pair tripping, top two pair an
  13. Some great advice guys, thanks. I too am interested in smashs style, can anyone give more details?
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