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  1. Yeah guys looking at this post I made today now after sleeping it was kind of a "whiny" post. Thanks anyways guys for the comments and sorry for being a douche clown.
  2. Well if anyone is PM'ing, which it sounds like they arent going to seeing there are like 40 people who want it, go ahead and send me one if you get a chance.
  3. Just wanted to vent a little bit, I just took 4th in a PP tourny for $486. I destroyed the final table all the way until 4th position and then lost my whole lead on one hand. No need to post the HH but pretty much I had 2-3 in BB, SB calls, flop 2-A-3 rainbow, we get money in, he has 4-5 and goes on to win $1400. Frustrating but I cant be mad with about $500, next time I guess.
  4. Sorry man, good luck with everything.
  5. Yes Jayson left school and moved to Vegas in late July and he was an affiliate for Empire as well, not sure if he got screwed very hard or not but it wasnt the thing that caused him to go to Vegas, as he moved there way prior to this. J if your reading this, call me bud, we need to catch up.
  6. Being his old roomate and the person whoms bedroom he took over when I left Vegas I have to say he was somewhat doomed from the beginnning. I love the kid, but it was apparent after he moved in with us that not being 21 for another 2 years, and being limited to the 2-4 MGM game was going to be an issue. I have faith that if Jayson was able to play his games of choice, he would have suceeded. I think he did the right thing by moving back home and hope he has better luck when he moves back(which im sure he will when hes 21.)
  7. 1680x1050 is the widescreen steup which works perfectly for 4 tabling, but it also has 1600x1200 as well which I used last night for 4 tabling and there was no overlap and about an inch extra space on both sides.
  8. Hey everyone I just bought a new monitor and it is to say the least amazing. Its the Gateway FPD2185W. Its a 21" widescreen monitor, with a couple awesome features that ive used so far. It has Picture in Picture, with a direct link port that you can hook it up directly to your satelite or cable box and watch TV on it. It has the obvious things like USB ports and such. It is also the only monitor so far to come out and be High Definition so you can hook up your HD cable right too it and it supports it along with the new windows HD operating system thats coming out. Also, look at some revi
  9. Jas, Smash punks you every time you open your mouth. Oh and by the way, how is my old apartment?
  10. Is the reason DN isnt telling us his screen name because of his contractual obligations to his new poker site that he will be promoting???
  11. I watched 4 buddies play that Sahara tourny last week and it seems really really soft but the payouts and tourny fees were absolutely ridiculous. Me and one buddy figured it out and there was over $11,000 paid in fees+add ons+rebuys+entries and the prize pool ended up being under $8,000 and very steep. My buddy almost got the final table to chop $500 for everyone and then play for the rest but 1 guy wouldnt do it. My bud finished in 7th and only got $120, first was $3600. Just some info for ya but its a pretty scheisty setup if you ask me.
  12. Most of the bars here do not close as there is no last call. There are a couple chill bars down in Green Valley that arent too expensive, but if you dont have a car, the cab ride would be a killer so that wouldnt be worth it. Watch out for the big clubs if your looking to save money, $15 a drink at Pure, Rain and those clubs, could easily spend $200 on just yourself.
  13. Hes right here with me, its all good, not sure if ill still be here, ill be moving back to Washington State but im sure we can figure something out.
  14. I hope your kidding..if not get that one legged hooker back and ill come pick you up right now, i got plenty of Bud Light, we can make her look hot, I promise.
  15. No actually Jayson W, and WRTO from the strat forum, are buddies and they are moving into my apartment today so I went up there to meet up with Jason, actually it was me and my buddy that doesnt even like poker that went up there with me as well.
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