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  1. ok... well you know the story.. girlfriend broke up, focusing on poker... thats the short end.. look for the original post if you care anyway here we go...First time back in actual live play, I decide to sit down with about 250 in 1/2nl. About 45 minutes into the session early position raises to 7 and 4 people call. I look down at 9d10d in the big blind and call. flop comes 7d8dJd... And i about **** my pants... So im wondering how im going to get all of my money in... And well they do it for me..I check the flop.. original raiser bets 20, next guy folds... then the last to act makes it 60...
  2. yea getting flamed by smash is eery to Phil laak on HSP... He really seemed *accepted* once the players started railing on him for his *nittyness*...
  3. ok... so earlier i posted this thread about my girlfriend breakin up with me bla bla bla.. and how it was going to get me back into poker... Expecting to get flamed, I still did it because I thought I might get at least one "serious" comment back... Instead I got at least a dozen supportive voices with advice... So yea guys this is my thank you... And to keep this as a *thread* post the most memorable moment you have from the forum...
  4. Thanks for the advice man. Ill take it to heart... And dont get me wrong, like I said its not my goal to be pro or anything. So when im ready for a new piece of *** im gonna get it... Right now im just not ready for another chic period... The ex is still on my mind... But its alot harder to think about her when Im five tabling
  5. thanks... got poker tracker up... about to go pound out some sngs
  6. First and for most let me say thank you to this site. I have been a lurker here for a long time and the strat section has made my game much - much better. Becuase of this site I can happily say that I am a winning player and I honeslty feel like I owe some guys in the strat section some money. In high school I used to play every day. I had nothing better to do. When college came around I did not play as much as I did concentrate on studies and was pledging a fraternity. This is when my game came to a halt. I started dating a my high school sweetheart and we have been together for the passed 2
  7. come on guys... need a solid answer... case of beer is riding on this one
  8. is rake a write off? i mean its a business expense isnt it.... argument with some firends, help me out
  9. deposited 200 - cleared 200 in bonuses won additional 300 in hu sngs... cashed 850 to pay rent for the summer. **the remainder of my money **150ish** came from a highschool friend that loved to talk about how good he was at poker. we played .5/1 no limit on a private table and i took his roll. Feel bad but had to teach him a lesson. Austin if your reading this thanks for keeping my lights on -- and the dc trip will be kick ***
  10. greg raymers chins are pretty bad
  11. ok my fraternity has a breath tester too and .21 isnt that much... yes your sloppy but a .21 isnt that bad... by that bad i mean your not gonna be puking your guts out... it often takes people .275 -.300 before most puking starts. of course this is on the spot puking many puke the morning after. just had to comment becuase .21 is definatly a no no for driving bur your no where near gonna die - or get that sick for that matter
  12. maybe hes doing it men in black style and training his replacement... ha yea... i dont think you can retire from being a poker player... its like retiring from being a pro golfer
  13. man i googled it and it still didnt show up (i think google is what you were referring too... *i didnt count* )i couldnt find the fulll length videos all i was getting was the trailors...why isnt it on this site anymore?
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