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  1. Yeah,, that's all I needed was a simple and concise response as the one provided by our good friend smash. Brilliant!
  2. i want to know what on earth provoked an attack on me. I probably shouldn't have shared a story with strangers, but I suppose that's what the essence of an internet forum is. To question my personal grasp of the word "ignorance" suggests a supreme example of ignorance itself is in our midst. Why do people seek to entangle themselves in situations that do not impact their own self-preservationistic nature? What benefit do people seek to gain from these dull and putrid jabs at another's character of which they are unsure of. Next time each of you have something "bad" happen to you... please
  3. then don't reply to it moron. I felt like writing about something and I did, I don't know where I deserved smart ass remarks along the way. Ignorance, ignorance, ignorance .... You are the kind of person that deserves to get into a car accident and not die, but be paralyzed in order for you to truly learn to keep your mouth shut and not be ignorant.
  4. nice reply,,, to think that my friend is going to go out there and fight for a country in which you live is truly a F-ing joke.
  5. Now, just to make sure my mind is not being completely turned upside down... I never thought that K-6 off ever really becomes a playable hand.,., especially to a raise UTG and an overcall.,.,., then a raise from the small blind and a re-raise from the original UTG raiser. Yeah, that pretty much typifies my recent weekend in Vegas. Getting beat by two pairs of K-7 and K-6 when I hold aces. Let's not forget my queens running into aces .,., not once, but twice. None of that really matters, because it was just supposed to be a fun weekend where a couple friends could meet up with our soon dep
  6. LOL ,, sounds great dude! I can't wait,, I just hope I don't suffer mad bad beats in those couple days cuz I'll be devasted. I hope I don't have to sit there and be too tight either. I hope it's loose passive as opposed to loose aggressive. Either way it's bank book time.
  7. Yeah, I've heard only good things about the MGM as far as how nice the room is.,., truly high tech and all. I've also heard the juiciest NL games take place right in that general vicinity of the strip .,., Excalibur, MGM, Aladdin.,.,., possibly even mandalay, but I'm not sure about that
  8. Great stories and great pictures! I wish I could have been there. DN seems like a mad cool person to hang out with. I think it was awesome what he did. Congratulations to all you guys on a job well done with the logos and the weekend. Just curious , does anybody know how many total entries were submitted for the contest?
  9. You never need to spend a ton. That's what a good pre-game is all about. Sure you might need to nurse of few drinks in the club.,.,., and covers are kind of steep, but as long as you get annihilated before you go in , you're safe from spending 3 figures. Remember it's all about confidence fellas, and an excess of liquid courage usually only helps.
  10. What time do you have to be at Rain to guarantee you get in? Because last year when I went I got smashed playing 2-4 at the Luxor, I arrived way late and decided I rather pleasure myself with sandpaper than stand in line and not get in.
  11. So many of the low buy-in (under $100) tournaments offered in vegas seem like total crapshoots. I was just wondering what are some of the best out there. The only one I'm kind of excited about is the one at the Sahara ,, $62 for 3500 in chips and the blinds start at 25/25, then 25/50 etc. Seems like a pretty good deal to me, but that's really one of the few that entice me out there because it doesn't seem like I'm throwing money to the wind on little more than a roll of the dice. Do any of you out there have any inside info on some good tournaments out in vegas that I don't know about?
  12. Thanks for all the advice guys. I can't wait to get into a wild overaggressive game to cash in on my big hands, and hopefully they come in bunches. I'm certaintly not going to play weak and scared of checks. I need to trust the information I gather and hope to pick up a couple small to medium sized pots with nothing and get the maximum out of my made draws and big starting hands.
  13. Hey guys, I just wanted to gather an opinion from those 0f you who have played the 100-300 dollar buy-ins and the NL games in Vegas that have popped up all over the last year. As I'm very sure, these games are rather loose and filled with 70-75% weak players, so what I'm asking is what the proper strategy would be? I can't really see these players being able to make lay downs and such,, so a super aggressive brunson strategy would be inappropriate. Is one simply supposed to wait back and hope to cash in on the big hands seeing as though how likely you are to get paid off with a lesser hand
  14. very sorry,, i got wily mo pena mixed up with wily mo taveras from houston .,., an electric basestealer who's had a tough time getting on base this year. A very good post to concur with my podsednik observations. It truly shows you are an informed educated fan of the game who thinks with his head.
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