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  1. I actually think this is a fold.It's pretty clear you're dead to a diamond as villian cant think he has much fold equity after your flop raise and strong turn lead. You guys actually think he called the flop raise w AxKd? I guess that would be the only hand he can have that you're in good shape against.
  2. Is it just me or is Reategui a super donkey?Take it down Loosh
  3. In my experience this river bluff gets looked up WAY too often to be profitable after the previous action. I prefer to fire again on the turn and then give up if that bet gets called. I like this line better because:1. It prices out the possible flush draw2. Reinforces that you have what you are representing... A premium pair.This looks an awful lot like 1010 or some other middling pair.
  4. Dont listen to me as I am a donkey. (Forgot to mention that)
  5. I liked the way you played it assuming you folded the turn
  6. What if you had only bet $100 on the flop. Would that have changed your call to a fold?
  7. I dont like this. You hate so many cards that could come off on the river and his turn check screams draw to me.If we check behind we give him a free chance to make his draw (which we may pay off depending what draw hits), orHe misses his draw and we make no more $$ from him. The read was that he'll call big bets with a crappy draw so we should let him.Jam the turn.
  8. I like it. He prolly calls with his AA even if he doesnt have the As though.
  9. Very very tough spot indeed. You pretty much priced yourself in with your flop bet though. I guess this could be a flush draw enough times to make it a call. BB certainly cant expect that he has any fold equity given the odds you have to call though.What scares me the most is that the As is on board making a flush draw from BB much less likely. I call and expect to see JJ here a high % of the time
  10. A raise of $15 pf is more than standard at $2 $4. This is an easy fold pf too after the reraise.Check behind the turn b/c a check raise is coming a good amount of the time. I fold to a pot size bet on river.Seriously though, what do you guys open raise to at $2 $4? Please dont say min raise.
  11. Raise to $23. Lead whatever river, call push
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