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  1. Totally different situation than the orginal post. There's a big difference between some guy being offered a ton of money to do something, and the same guy thinking of doing that same something on his own.Even if the guy is a heroin addict, there are plenty os other ways to get the cash besides sucking ****. Hell, just rob someone. If his first thought is sucking ****, then he's gay.
  2. If you're in need of cash and the first thing that pops into your head is to suck some random guy's **** for money, then you're gay. (Or at least bi).
  3. I would keep both Prince and Miller. Miller 3-point shot is needed as a zone buster. I like Prince's overall versatility which IMO is perfect for international ball.Chandler seems to be the weak link, but we need depth at the center position. Howard a center, but Amare really isnt. I think Oden could probably do at least the same job as Chandler. I would also consider Bosh for that role. Brand wont play because of injury.
  4. You sure? Because when I look at the 1996 team, your earlier statement looks ridiculous. There's more on that team than big guys. IMO, it's the second best team ever assembled.It is easier to take bigs out of the game unless you have mobile big men that can hit an outside shot like the 1996 team. How are you going to zone out any combination of Olajuwon, Robinson, Malone, and Barkley? You can't. Those same rules work to their advantage on defense where Olajuwon and Robinson (both defensive players of the year) are free to camp in the lane.Not to dump on this years team. I like what I se
  5. Can they? Sure. Anything is possible in a short tournament . Will they? Odds are against it.First, there is no comparison between warmup and game time shots. No matter the competition, shooting under game conditions is way more difficult for reasons that should be obvious. They arent that wide open. And its a shorter distance, but its still a deep shot.Here's why I have a problem with your 45% figure: hardly anyone can do that. Let's lower the figure to 40% and look at the last 2 international competitions. In the 2004 Olympics only 2 teams shot over 40% (Lithuania at 45 and Itlay at
  6. While I've never actually gotten rid of the TV completely, I did get rid of cable. I dont think I'll ever go back to it. After a while, I realized how disturbing alot of programs actually are. That really applies to the 24 news stations. I think I'm better informed about things by just watching the national/local network news. At least in the down time, I actually have time to think about what I just saw.I've actually considered getting rid of the TV, the internet connection, and cell phone just to see what would happen. Going completely off the grid. I keep chickening out. Problem is
  7. I saw that too. He actually died last week. It just got anounced today.http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/news/story?id=2985307It's a sad situation. Clearly he was more troubled than anyone thought.
  8. This will change your life. You will find out one of two things:1. You wasted so much time watching TV. Now you're more productive than you ever imagined. Look out Nobel Prize.2. Your life is totally empty without TV. You are the biggest loser on Earth.
  9. Of course there's oxygen inside. The empty space in there isnt a vacuum.
  10. Its probably a bad idea to move the car. When it starts to flood like that, there's rarely a safe place o go nearby. And by driving in the storm, you face the chance of getting stuck in it. By the time you notice that your car is about to be flooded, its too late. You just pray it doesnt actually happen.To the OP, your car is basically screwed. Cars that have been flooded are never the same. Weird electrical or mechanical problems will come up all the time. When I sold my old car in Houston to Carmax, I had to sign something saying the car had never been flooded and they still inspected
  11. That sounds more like a problem with the student rather than the school. College is what you make of it. Be active in class, go to office hours, pitch ideas off classmates, read the extra material and ask questions about it in class. College offers a lot, and its not their fault students dont take advantage of it. They arent babysitters. As someone said above, There's a lot of people in college that shouldnt be there.And for anyone going into a technical field, I think college is essential. Students learn way more than they realize, and a lot of it is fundamental stuff they'll need to he
  12. I'm having a hard time believing you're arguing this. The popularity of the sport isnt that far behind the other two for that much of a difference. Hockey is probably the 4th major sport and the effect would probably be just as large is the incedent occured there. As far as USA pro sports is concerned, the biggest stories of probably the last 10 years is steroids in baseball and the current NBA referee scandal. People will remember these stories 20 years from now. Those two scandals dont only affect their own leagues but nearly every other sport as well. The NBA isnt the only one who's g
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