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  1. Oh I got it, thank you. Let's do lunch next week, anytime. D&B I think we should do soon too
  2. but snakes on a muthafukkin' plane is coming out on friday!!
  3. Jansen let's go for lunch soon. I move to Waterloo Aug 31
  4. D&B will be awesome, I bet I can outrace all of you !
  5. Yeah I think this time a date with royal tour should be up for grabs. I know how much you guys love his bathroom stall tricks.
  6. I went to D&B this weekend and I don't know if it would be good for a group thing, maybe the Charlotte room is better. However, the Star Wars podracing thing is soooo awesome. "I am your fatha"
  7. I am avaliable (take that however you want it to mean)
  8. yah I'm in, just make it in later July b/c I am busay until the 14th.
  9. Yeah don't worry, I tried to access my Neteller when I was in the US and it closed down on me right away. Its just a security thing.
  10. Smash likes being spanked though... with a deck of cards.
  11. Just have to wait for the Canadian dollar to go down so I could buy busfare to go on the date!!
  12. I had a ton of fun last night. Goddamn 3-4 offsuit!! Damn hand is ruining me!! Also, governator is a jerk for taking me out with A high. Thank you j2 for driving me home and we should all go to d&b in the near future. If Royal came he would be MUCH hotter than I with his miniskirt, trust me, he needs it for those "bathroom tips"
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