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  1. Staking was discussed earlier...and most seem to think staking is becuase of the other player not having money.The problem here is players owning pieces of another...to smooth out their fluctuations i suppose.Even Daniel does this - don't you Daniel?Not saying that is nesc bad...but people don't like it becuase of what can happen when you end up playing agaijnst people you have a stake in.
  2. OK, am I the only one thinking this?I have played poker for almost 12 years now...I am what I would call a pre-rounders player (you know, the movie).I consider Rounders to be the launching point for todays poker craze (can't be the WPT as ESPN has been showing poker for years.Anyway....I think all the post Rounders era players has a total misconception of poker. They think poker is a "clean televised sport" like any other.Poker has always been a sleazy biz overall. These "newbies" don't seem to get it....and they are in awe of all the poker celebs and possible believe their idols or the game
  3. UB is best by far for tournaments....their structures are nice & slow and folks have a reasonable idea of how to play.Cash Games....UB and fulltilt (nice & tight games)...maybe some Paradise too (for looser games).
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