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  1. thank god someone other than dynon and jay understand that point.
  2. Any help with my full tilt problem, you horrible 14th century British dictator?below the lobby there is a tab that has all play and real moneyclick the real or all tab
  3. i 3 table 50nl 6 max on ft with a starting 900 roll and this has proven to be sufficient for my relatively low variance style of play
  4. fold preflopone or two more limpers i call
  5. dude what are you doing?this is 50 nlfull ring no lessdon't go crazy, play like this at 10/20nl or something but these guys will call you regardless.. ( you know this ?) just doesn't seem like it would work given the nature of the games then again maybe you are just trying this out ?56s three way against a 4bb raise in a typically agressive nl game is not a desired situation and im pretty sure you are aware of this ? implied odds? err not really **** all flops you like and they may not pay off if you do hit large i just dislike the call a lotmaybe if it were 4 handed or 5 handed to the flop t
  6. ok on a flop of that texture if you know this guy well and know he bets agressively if called onflop the then you can take the risk of giving a turn card that can scare the shit out of you and may want you to not get your money inthen againraising the flop may scare him away and you are only really worried about a flush card hitting soemtimes and an a or a k falling still thats a lot of scary outs and you could be beat already..so at this limit i think going for a flop raise to say 8 or 9 and go from thereits not a huge mistake in my opinion either like others have said, usually these guys fi
  7. dynon this was a very good post and because you had you had your rakeback info as your signature these wise asses thinking they are clever automatically assume your motive was to try hook some more rakeback refferalsthis advice has been given to me aswell and its perfectly applicable to a typical shorthanded nl game below as an estimate 5-10 bottom line is dynon is a good guy and is willing to help you guys interested in teaching you a way to beat these games so you up not jump to conclusions about his motives for posting this advice and thinking you are cleverseriously, posting tp/mm how
  8. Are you sure you are playing .50/1 NL on Pokerroom ? I hit my set and I rarely make enough to make it profitable. I've been playing there in the last month and I've seen these guys fold to raises. Now if they are folding that often to raises then sometimes they are folding KK, AK, TPTK , etc.it is definetly profitable to play any pp if you are putting 5 or so percent -around that area- of your stack or less this is having implied odds that if you hit your set and your typically bad player at these stakes will pay you off big time with tp or by chasing a draw where he is far behind at ab
  9. 3 people have said they have slept through the second half of itwierd coincidence
  10. Ok... not really a compliment, but definately not an insult. :)Anyway, Smash, please come back.Ummmm Theresa.....no offense, but you completely edited out the part where he called me a bicth and proceeded to publicly rip me apart for no reason. As a moderator............well I just think you should reasses your opinion of him.
  11. exibit A- missidaho's avatar..sum487 and smashare not ****ing idiots they are harsh but they are intelligent and maybe they are going a little far as to say nikki and renae starve attention a lot because they dont from what ive seen but idaho seems to be lapping it up lately
  12. wierd, i fell alseep half way through also havn't seen the last part either
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