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  1. great show...I wish they had the big game live...the only way it would be better...
  2. That comedy was awesome! Great job DN! It was like you did the bit 4 years...I must forward it...
  3. Hey Grambler - I'll give you $1000 to leave?
  4. deterrent! the bar owner would not run the event again= I would not play the event= our streets are safe again!BTW my score is slaw +1 over royal ...good battle though :icon_frown:BTW Bubba just dropped the soap and told me to pick it up...I think he's bluffing ... Is that -EV?
  5. Royal...That's more like you! ThanksMy court date is a week later than others charged so I will wait and see what happens to them. Again I got the feeling they wanted the guys running it. I am pissed however that the cops did not just tell the bar owner they would be raided if the game continued. There would have been no game and innocent people wouldn't have been charged. Ahh the Canadian way!
  6. I got the feeling they just wanted to take down the people running it. It was only a $40 buy in for god's sake. But if it goes through, a criminal record does me in...So again I say beware to those who attend these games.Royal thanks for your laugh...and to think I thought you were a solid poster.
  7. Imagine how I feel. It was legal for many months and even advertised on the radio. Errr...Until I walked through the door!.
  8. It was in Kingston...The cops were from windsor. It was a vey organized raid. They knew the names of the tables and had sheets already made up with table name and seat number. They bagged all chips and the cards in your hand. You were then photographed holding the sheet with your table and seat.
  9. I just played a local establishment that has been running a weekly game for 40 some players. They have played for several months, signs were posted about the game and no money was to be taken out of the pot. Well on the second hand tonight, the OPP walked in and charged everyone with being in an illegal gaming house.I am a black cloud
  10. four flusher...I have never said it before...I LOVE YOUR AVATAR...but combine it with your name and i'm out...no i'm in...i'm ...
  11. I don't comment on threads like this...however...tritz was the OP dissing crazyyy for some unknown reason and then challenges him to a $20 game at another site..."That's where my $22 BR is" WOWNext time I won't start a flame thread without the balls to back it up.
  12. I know you have$$$millions but stop what you are doing...I can make this comment because I have built a bankroll that includes a jar of nickels. Thank me later!
  13. 1. Loaded dice2. Marked cards3. Creating a site called PokerStarsAll help remove the Luck factorWearing clean underwear is just a sound general policy!
  14. I read your post and came to these conclusions:My 22nd beer told me I'm greatmy 23rd beer told me you suckmy 24th beer...noooo honey I'm busy...ya.ya later...(bitch)...my 25th beer...can you play poker and watch porn...wow she's...beep...beep...beep...sweet!my 26th...I think you're bluffing....I call all in with 10 high...fsuhcikt.Saturday's study...Why is online poker so good?
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