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  1. I challenge you heads-up. Lets see what you're really made of. This time there will be no Jerry to backout and save you.
  2. Well so far he's backed down from my challenge so I'd call him CHICKEN DANIEL!
  3. I think you've had your finger up your shoot for too long. Sniff Sniff
  4. You must be the MORON as you can't even spell mrono idiot! Just another clueless idiot, that's all. I challege Daniel for any amount he can afford, but I know he'll turn it down. He's chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Sounds like Daniel has backed away from his 500k heads-up matches. I guess this proves that the Wynn was staking him back then. Makes sense. Now that he doesn't have someone covering his back should he lose the 500k, you never hear about the challenges any longer. I wonder how many people he's turned down. Well I tried calling Daniel at the number posted and got some kind of Brothel asking me what services I desire.
  6. Last year during the WSOP you were playing Barry for 500k heads-up. This year you're not playing any more heads-up matches. What's up? Are you chicken?
  7. Hi everybody..The Grambler is here.Ha Cha Cha Cha
  8. Here is your momma..Place schlong here...
  9. I get both Sportsnet West and East so we'll finally get too see Jerry? Whoa. Can't wait for this to happen.
  10. If Jerry doesn't show up soon, I'm giving up on finding him, so one last time..... Where's JERRY???
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