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  1. I graduated in the same class as Alex at college. The guy has been honing his poker skills forever. I could never regularly play in the cash game he played at school (there was a lot of loose money at the school... I unfortunately didn't have any of it. Even a hundred bucks was a crap load of money for me in college... these guys would play with thousands on the table.) He's a really nice guy though and it is awesome to watch his success given the amount of time he has put in over the years. I think he definitely deserves every dollar he earns.
  2. Well, That could be.Pwned or not... if OP has been playing better over the last two months then that is great, but his previous history could explain why there is a psychological fear of moving up levels...</psychoanalysisament>
  3. That would explain it... I see what you mean when I look at the pool sharkscope selects it games from on FTP. You know of a good MTT database?
  4. Jan,Hate to play devil's advocate... Why do your sharkscope.com FTP stats not at all reflect what you just wrote?Could be that sharkscope is off...Just curious.
  5. I am having a god awful time beating them. Ok. So I've probably played about 20 which I know is a horrible sample size. That said it seems like all of them are reallllly tight and in general tough to cash in. (I've been playing $10 NLH mostly)How does the blind structure compare to other sites and has anyone experienced this?I searched briefly on this but wasn't like.... thorough so forgive me if there have been a brazillion postings about such things.
  6. Sure. I knew I was behind at that point, but was I behind enough to throw away my Top pair hand getting 14-1??That's tough to say. Even if he bets out on the River and I call, he only has to have KQ or something one out 8 times or so for me to be profitable. I think that is realistic.Especially assuming that if I fold and he flips over QJ I go...
  7. OK cool. Sometimes I just need some reassurance that its hands like these that cause some high variance in limit and I don't actually suck donkey balls.
  8. From the time I had been there EP2 was pretty solid. He played quality hands... I couldn't put him on A4 even cause he was in early position... although if it was suited he might play it. At best I thought I was up against KQ or QJ because I thought he would play those but not raise with them Preflop. At worst, I thought I was up against a set.I think my problem was that I got concerned with chasing the other two players out instead of focusing on the strength represented by EP2's raise. I should have maybe focused on just showing down as cheaply as possible at that point.Tough hand and I
  9. It might not have been right for me to 3-bet that turn. I was trying to protect my hand from the two people behind me... Is there an argument for just calling the raise?I worry that I'm playing to passive if I just call that raise...
  10. I would bet the turn unless you have a pretty strong read on them. UTG definately has odds to be calling with a lot of stuff on that flop. I would bet the turn.
  11. So in the last 24 hours I'm down 50 BB. That's my largest downswing in awhile and it has sort of unnerved me. I'm playing well within my BR so I'm not worried about going broke really... that said, it is bothersome.I think I may be losing some bets by not slowing down quick enough and giving my opponents credit... Any thoughts on the following hand? I've been at the table for about 45 minutes. It is pretty tight, aggressive table. Texas Hold'em $0.50-$1 (Real Money), I'm in MP with K K PRE-FLOP1 fold, EP2 calls $0.50, 2 folds, HERO bets $1, 1 cold call, 2 folds, BB calls $0.50, EP2 ca
  12. Man... and I thought I had road rage.Smoke some opium or something dude.
  13. This was a little bit unnecessary I think...Point taken though.Flame on man.Flame on.
  14. Oh... I thought he got flamed so much for being sort of a ******. Noted though... I'll my funny, poorly played hands to myself or post them in General.
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