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  1. Jason Mercier Eugene Katchalov Maria Ho Shaun Deeb Daniel Cates Shawn Buchanen Sam Trickett Erik Seidel Joseph Cheong Chris Bjorin John Monnette Chris Klodnicki Marvin Rettenmaier Andrew Lichtenberger Yevgeniy Timoshenko
  2. The difference between this show and the Face the Ace show is day and night. I really wanted to like Face the Ace but between the poor host, the undramatic set up by the voice over anouncers and the poor overall production somehow A guy is going for a million dollars against Phil IVEY and I don't really care that much. The new pokerstars show on the other hand is more interesting on many levels, better host, more innovative ideas to get in the head of a poker player, great production. I was really excited at the end of this one. Very Well Done Indeed Daniel!Hope it continues to be a success- I
  3. anywhere else this can be watched???I don't even care if its legal or not!
  4. Did Ivey have any prop bets with other pros for making the final table?It seemed like from some of the twitters he may have had a big bet with Andy Bloch, but I don't know if it was for win or just final table?
  5. Thank you Jesus. Now I can go to bed but probably won't be able to sleep!
  6. I wonder how often Koop will think about that hand in the next year or so?and would Akenhead just go ahead and bust so I can go to sleep.... I got work tomorrow!
  7. I came in my pants a little just reading this thread.I can't imagine how exciting it must have been to play!Congrats!!!!!
  8. Speaking of whatever happened to?Whatever happened to Prahlad Friedman? Seems like he used to be the talk of online high stakes cash games and you would see him in the big tournies. Can't remember the last time I heard about him that wasn't a reference to Jeff Lisandro incedent.hmmm....??
  9. You are a fantasy poker STUD!both as an owner and a player!
  10. All the above is true. It is very easy to just think ahhh nothin I do will matter anyway. But if you think that way then you have a self fullfilling prophecy.When some Immigration issue comes up the offices of Legislators get lit up and they take notice. A majority of Americans actually support a pathway to citzenship for illegals but a vocal minority usually wins out. (Please I don't want to start an immigration debate). But the point being that those people care very strongly and act on their feelings and often win. If we actually care enough then its up to us. My letters (emails) have been
  11. I am 18-19 I never win coin flips!Since you don't have Excel have you tried google docs - they have a spreadsheet application for free.
  12. Tally so farMarginal (1)Donkey with too many seats (1)Smarty alecs (5 plus and counting...)
  13. I guess you would fold A-9 to an all in too which is actually the hand with the questionable all in call ...
  14. Satellite for WSOP seat four players left.PokerStars Game #28569732995: Tournament #166245033, $2000+$100 Hold'em No Limit - Level VII (150/300) - 2009/05/24 14:56:27 ETTable '166245033 1' 6-max Seat #1 is the buttonSeat 1: stevie444 (2950 in chips) Seat 2: PeteEastgate (4468 in chips) Seat 5: busto_soon (7300 in chips) Seat 6: zangbezan24 (3282 in chips) stevie444: posts the ante 25PeteEastgate: posts the ante 25busto_soon: posts the ante 25zangbezan24: posts the ante 25PeteEastgate: posts small blind 150busto_soon: posts big blind 300*** HOLE CARDS ***zangbezan24: folds stevie444: raises 262
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