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  1. check the web site guys, says they are down for maintenance and should be back soon.
  2. glad my favorite site looks to be holding firm, at least in the short run.http://www.fulltiltpoker.com/poker-blog/"In the short term, we assure you that your online experience at Full Tilt Poker will not change. You will still be able to deposit and withdraw money from the site using the same methods and payment processors you have always used, and your money will remain completely safe and secure. We cannot predict how the online poker experience may change in the future, but we do not expect any immediate impact from the legislation, as the banking industry has 270 days to implement new rule
  3. i'm hoping a lot of the better direct buyin players are at stars, which means higher ratio of satellite winners at full tilt, plus higher chance of them missing the guarantee. less than 500 signed up with 2 hours to go.anyone else in?
  4. after being down three ****ing nights in a row, full tilt comes back up with people playing cap nl games.wtf is no limit cap, and how can it be no limit if there's a cap? i'm lost
  5. you pay $1 in juice, you get 7 points, 7 points times 6 cents per points means you would get .42 in bonus.42% juiceback is pretty good, especially if you play the smaller sng's since it means you have juiceback for a long time.in ring games if 9 players are at the table and they all get a point, 9 times .06 is .54, so $1 in rake paid by the table pays back 54%.
  6. saw some discussion about it already, but what a joke. a full tilt pro gets heads up, makes a deal, and then they both donk off chips not caring who wins.i realize it's not a prestigious event in the big picture, but why not play it out?i was surprised to see the recap of the event kind of took a stand against the deal also http://www.fulltiltpoker.com/poker-blog/"The anti-climactic finish sparks debate over the effects of deal making to the prestige of an event. While players certainly shouldn't be stopped from making a gentleman's agreement to avoid being forced to play volatile tournament
  7. from my understanding, the best all around player gets the avatar, the winner of each event gets a jersey.thats why i wanted to win an avatar race and get into all the events, thats probably your only chance at best all around player (unless you make like 2 final tables).so now the goal is make some money in the first event and let it ride.
  8. pretty sure i will buy in direct no matter what, and if i cash will play the limit tomorrow.
  9. damn came close tonight, 99 players, 1st got the seat package.i made the money but never had enough to compete for all the marbles.
  10. thats true amarillo, but i like my chances of winning one big satellite instead of half a dozen smaller ones.i did get an answer based on cinci's advice though on the full tilt forum:http://pokerforums.fulltiltpoker.com/onlin...-play13817.htmlit sounds kind of like stars, you get registered for each event, then you can go to the tournament lobby and click unregister. and you get 216 cash instead of $t dollars I assume.
  11. seems harsh to get people to play 8 days in a row of poker without the option to unregister, i'll check the full tilt forum
  12. i want to play the avatar races to win entry into all 8 events, but i probably don't want to play the omaha events, and may not want to play if i am running bad after the first few.anyone know if you can unregister from individual events if you win one of these?
  13. what do you think of his statement that the odds of someone winning two bracelets in a year is greater than 50%?it doesnt feel right on one hand, but i'm not dumb enough to dispute the professor.it kind of like the birthday problem i guess, how many people do there need to be in a room for there to be greater than 50% that two people have the same birthday.heres an overestimate for it: pick 35 players before the wsop starts, what are the odds one of them wins a bracelet? and note these aren't the top 35 players neccessarily.
  14. some good gems in here (sorry if formatting is bad):Question From limedeal: Do you think Phil Ivey can recover from his short chip stack at 23k to become a contender in the main event?Howard Lederer: Definitely. He is one of the best. I would take him against most of the players at 100k.Question From check-raise2k: What is your opinon on the quality of the competition in this year's WSOP main event?Howard Lederer: It is weak and gets weaker every year. The number of great players does get bigger, but it does not grow at the same rate as the total field. There simply aren't 8000 good poker pl
  15. looks like lederer is early, he's on chatting right now.anyone disagree with this statement?Question From GripHoldOn: Howard, the last few WSOPs, surprisingly, there have been players to win more than one bracelet. It happened again this year... Should this be happening? Do you expect to see this trend continue?Howard Lederer: It really isn't that surprising. As the WSOP grinds along, more and more players have won a bracelet. So the odds keep getting better. By the end, there are 25-35 winners of a bracelet in each event. It would be an upset if someone didn't win 2
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