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  1. Insert obvious "come play me heads up" comment here_________________
  2. I don't have a Stars account, only FT...but thanks anyway. Lol, it was actually just a fun challenge.
  3. What did you have for lunch today?Now may I go to the bathroom?I think?
  4. no no, I think I said it right the first time...but thanks anyway
  5. Not to rub it in...but were you not aware that Evgeni Nabakov had 2 shutouts in his last 3 games? Oh and btw...Edmonton had 9 rookies in tonight's line-up. I think they said that a flu bug hit practically the entire team. At least you've got 2 games left
  6. Welcome to San Jose Daniel...the new Hockey Town USA. Sharks fans are some of the most hard core, and if you've never been to a Sharks game...prepare to be blown away. Especially right now during playoff time...it's gonna be nuts. Anyway, welcome again...and I look forward to seeing you out a Bay 101 and maybe even the game...I'll be there.
  7. Like everything else, it comes and goes in cycles. It's just a matter of time before you're back at the tables.
  8. Any chance DN will let you write his blogs from here on out?
  9. How would you feel if some chick sucked out on your boyfriend on the river?
  10. It wasn't on stars...it was on FT. Funny things is, she started it...started questioning the way I played a hand so I called her a ******. She immediately asking everyone if she could report me...like she was just waiting for something to be said....what a ******!!!
  11. guilty as charged...but the only word I used was d0uche. Guess she doesn't have the same sense of humor that I have.
  12. Sorry let me clarify...I hurt for Joey, I was railing a little at the end. That sucked donkey balls
  13. after following your threads for all of one minute...I have come to the realiZation that you are indeed a doosh and a bag.I will end on a brilliant quote from the film entitled Billy Madison...portrayed by one of America's finest performers (Adam Sandler) , which I find is reflective of your reaction to american culture in general."We are all now dumber for having listened to you"
  14. Jesus loves the little children...All the children of the worldRed or Yellow, Black or White They are precious in his site...Even sweet little Sunday school songs are un-PC...but I don't think the little 2nd graders singing them are racist. Relax people.
  15. I usually play poker stoned...who wants some?
  16. did you just respond to yourself? Cause that's more gangsta than the op
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