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  1. that was not a good call imo....chop at best
  2. wow...who saw Mueller luck box the straight flush against brown's nut flush? crazy hand
  3. wow....thats why I don't play omaha because I would go broke every hand
  4. funny i must bring you some gl or something as that was the first time I have ever railed you...i opened up stars and took a look at the Super Tuesday from about 30 down. I had seen all your friggin ft threads made on this site and figured you must be doing something right so might as well get a few lessons....well done sir and look forward to seeing you hit bigger and better pots.Bonzium aka ThaGod
  5. it is a pleasure watching you sir i would wish you luck but i don't believe it is something you need....except when you need so spike an ace on the turn...lol...happenned midpost.Gl
  6. I created my own element on the periodic table.
  7. very well done sir....gotta love that flop at the end
  8. Keep hammering away my horsie!
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