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  1. ok, i am pisssed. i posted a topic about pac, and its not even here ten minutes later, even though it has poker content, unlike the majority of other threads in general. i looked, its not even been moved to off topic.what the fuk is this? yet, even still there is loadsa bullshiitt topics about lolaments and neteller yet AGAIN. thats why i am pissed. this is an internet forum for lovers of poker. this section of that forum is for people to chill and discuss general shhitt. yet, the mods have a firework up their asses as usual.well, i came here because of ma love for dn. but that aint good enoug
  2. haha well done she didnt start off like that. she claims to have cashed in a freeroll for about 20 dollars, and now that has turned into numerous mtt wins since. so she has worked pretty fukin hard to get where she is. still an ugly tard though.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=mook300just watcghed. wheretf is daniel? 1st episode in 3 seasons not there?????????????
  4. watching now utube. user mook300
  5. i was thinking randomly (after reading something on some poker blog i cant remember the source of), about how truthful and helpful one saying this guy said when regarding tourney play can be. i think it was something along the lines of : i'll raise with anything if i think i have position or if i feel the urge to play a hand, but i will only call a raise with a good hand, making sure my kickers stand up and that my (flush) draws are to the nuts.sounds pretty obvious i know, but its a nice reminder now and then to keep your game together when in a tourney and not go crazy with A10 utg deep in
  6. cheers, looks just like alluc.org. but i suppose fox told them to get rid of 24 too. sux. stupid fox network. thanks for link tho
  7. im so fukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkin bored!!!!! please help, its making me play bad, i need something to distract me while i multiable and no one is in general now. been online for 9 hours and about five new threads been made in that time whats going on fcp!!!! even p5s is slow today. im so fukin mashed. please help me before i donk away my bankroll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!any sites that are good woul be good.bored of alluc.org and peekvids is down so no 24, come on fcp, help a niga in distress lol (no offense intended by the word niga btw, just for mods lol)
  8. hope obama wins. itll be like david palmer from 24. in fact he looks and acts quite a lot like him. all you guys gotta do now is make sure no bullshhit sherry palmer pops up.also, i think a black president will do a lot of good for your country. all the best with it
  9. http://www.pocketfives.com/1519EA8D-95E8-4...E816D9DAC0.aspxrandaallin fcper rite?
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