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  1. I haven't logged in to make a post in seemingly forever...but I had to for this! Congrats man!!! Well deserved.
  2. Why is there going to be more variance involved? I would assume your edge is going to be greater because of the cap and the defined starting hands one should have in that sort of game therefore reducing the variance. Am I wrong here?
  3. A friend asked me a question about BR management and other than the standard limit and NL answers I didn't have an answer for him when he asked me about the CAP NL games online and what an acceptable working BR would be for those games. I would assume that you'd need a smaller BR for a 30BB cap game than a 100-200 BB buy in NL game, but I told him I'd ask you guys. So there's the question...how many BB's or how many Buy in's would be an acceptable working bankroll if the player was going to stick strictly to cap NL games?
  4. Level 2 at LAPC, we've got about 21k in chips, so does villain.Random commerce satellite player raises from utg to 250, folds to us in the sb, we call with Q8dd. (yes I know fold preflop is the best line here, but please comment on flop and further). Player looks back at cards to check suits after the call which leads me to believe that cards are unsuited/paired.Pot 600FlopJh10d9dHero checks, villain bets 350.With the stacks so deep at this point, what's your line here to extract the most value? C/R flop lead turn? Lead the flop? Stop and go?
  5. the play is SOOOOOOOOOOOO bad...I honestly felt like with 73 players left I was definately better than 70 at LEAST. Just ran into coolers, or took sick beats four times and ran out of chips. For the record with 150 left until I busted...AQ < K6cc (the K6 raised and then called off half his stack pre to my 3 bet)KK < 44 (all in pre, the chorty shove over my raise cost me a light 3 bet from one of the other players I was setting up..bad on all levels)AQ < AA (Late position shove with AQ ran into AA and still flopped AQQ...no good)AKhh < K10off (Flop AK, turn Jack, river Queen...
  6. Evidence of said bad play....calls half of his stack pre with K6. obv he flops huge.Full Tilt Poker Game #10656243742: The $200K Double Deuce (77727127), Table 21 - 4000/8000 Ante 1000 - No Limit Hold'em - 21:55:55 ET - 2009/02/15Seat 1: NuggPuffer (416,279)Seat 2: Spyge (374,578)Seat 3: MortTishan (119,364)Seat 4: tangent22 (114,876)Seat 5: MrFourth (96,895)Seat 6: Blazed3x1 (108,429)Seat 7: Pitsand (67,010)Seat 8: Al_Smooth (310,475)Seat 9: Raidafan (116,270)NuggPuffer antes 1,000Spyge antes 1,000MortTishan antes 1,000tangent22 antes 1,000MrFourth antes 1,000Blazed3x1 antes 1,000Pitsand an
  7. lol, still alive in the double deuce on FT. Won a massive pot AIPF with AA > KK> 1010. Top 25 in chips or so. The play is still pretty bad so I'm trying to be patient and find another spot where I have the nizzles.
  8. someone please tell me how this is possible on the first hand after break, following the AQ into KK hand on the last hand before break? wow.Folds to the SB, dream shove situation...he has me CRUSHED BB over SB, and then I flop open ended and don't catch. WTF was that???PokerStars Game #24987021274: Tournament #138953585, $200+$15 Hold'em No Limit - Level XIII (1250/2500) - 2009/02/15 19:54:21 ETTable '138953585 1110' 9-max Seat #7 is the buttonSeat 1: Lanceryosuke (206701 in chips) Seat 2: RumJungle2 (18609 in chips) Seat 3: FUTURE102 (87014 in chips) Seat 5: pasprock (77296 in chips) Seat 6
  9. busted from the FTOPS KO tournament 500th...ran AK into AA pre. lovelyAlmost out of the Sunday 2.5 on stars....ran AQhh into KK pre. niiiiiice. Doing well in the FT double deuce and FTOPS ME so far.
  10. I personally don't like the 3 bet pre in this specific situation. I'd personally rather see a flop in position against players who aren't very good at all. It's a different scenario if the table was full, but 4 handed here, I'd rather not get 4 bet shoved on pre and just spew 1500-2000 chips. If I'm going to spew, it's only going to be 600 at a time. lolAnyway, from this point in the hand...Calling puts the pot at 4500 with two checkers still to act. We can re-eval and make a decision if either one of them raises. A raise mathmatically commits us here imo, and I guess the question is...is
  11. First table of the triple shootout. Four people left at the table, blinds at 100-200/25SB (Laggy)- 15000BB (old eastern Euro)- 8100UTG (weaktight)- 5900Hero - 11000UTG raises to 600, we call with A5hh and both blinds also callPot 2500Flop 10JK with 2 heartsSB checks, BB cchecks, preflop raiser bets 1000Pot 3500What's the best line from this point in the hand?
  12. I called and turned up QQ, and he tabled KK. I lost the pot and the chance to run up to second in chips with 25 remaining. Oh wells. BTW, an Ace flopped and if the UTG AK had re-shoved, I'd have folded and saved myself some chips.
  13. Loosh is assuming I got beat because I'm me.I haven't posted (on here) what the result was.
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