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  1. Can anyone post the HH please for those unable to rail?GG JC!
  2. How much is 1st place paying for this? Over $200K?How many are left? Hoping to be able to sweat the FT when I get home in about 75 mins.
  3. In as Dinhjo.Had to chuck a sickie so I could play this.
  4. Gogogogo!I'm at work, can't rail, but GL & TID please!!!What are the payouts from here?
  5. Just re working conditions etc - we don't quite get the same benefits in Australia. So if I'm making the same amount pre-tax playing poker, then I'll be fine. And in this position, there's very little chance for advancement or promotion. It's a pretty dead-end job, that, to be honest, I was kind of looking to move out of before considering poker.Would it be horrible to quit this job, give myself until Xmas to see how I enjoy playing poker, then decide whether to look at getting a job on '08? Or even enrolling to get some qualifications?
  6. Thanks for all the responses so quickly...I guess my feelings are that if I were to qquit my job, go busto playing poker & be flat broke - it wouldn't be hard for me to find a similar job. They're advertised all over the place here. So it doesn't feel like it's *that* big of a risk.To answer a few questions - I play as Dinhjo on Stars & CD Poker mostly. Most of my winnings have beenn onCD Poker, before making a return to Stars in the last month or so.I play some small stakes 6-max, but am basically break-even over a small sample size. This is something I want to get better at.I don't l
  7. Posted this on 2+2 as well, but figured I may as well get as many opinions as possible...Ok, not entirely sure where this should go, so mods, feel free to move if you like. I'm just posting here since it's where I most often post.OK, so basically the deal is this. I work as an Admin/Accts clerk at a car dealership. I get a below avg wage. I never completed high school, so essentially, I have no real qualifications, thus my long term earning potential is not exactly fantastic.I love poker. I've played it *seriously* since basically the start of the year. I'll post my 07 stats for the year at th
  8. 7th for $1300.Got played back at every time I raised. Had AQcc on the button, Jus (SB) predicatbly pushed, his 86o > my AQ.Left me with about 8 BBs. Shoved A$ into 99 & didn't improve.Oh well, not much you can do I guess. TY TB for the sweat
  9. TY TB.Was CL coming in, but been a bit card dead since. Down to 5/8, but top 5 all within 100K.
  10. Played for 1 hour last night after I got home from busting at the cas. Won $130 playing ~1 hour/100 hands of NL100 (6-Max)Won $75 playing ~1 hour/100 hands of NL50 (6-max)Had my $50 up to $190 in the NL50 game, then lost with KK after EP raised to $2, I re-raised to $7, he calls. Q high flop, he leads for $10, I make it $25 (thinking I'm way good here), he shoved another $60 on top & I obv call. He flips over AA. Damn cooler. Pretty huge pot for a 25c/50c game.**Edit - can anyone tell me if that's really donkish the way I played that hand. I'm a huge cash donk, but I'm trying to get better
  11. FWIW - I like this thread too.I'll put in a progress update post when I hit the 750 tournies played mark, which should be in the next week.
  12. Thought I'd try my hand at some 50c/$1 6 max on Stars.Down about $280 in about 400 hands. D'oh!
  13. OK, this is an obv brag post.I've had an insane week. I have stayed clear of Stars for about 4 months, and had built up my game (quite successfully) on the IPoker network. I decided I should put down $100 on Stars last week.So first up, I chop the $10K Gtd, $30 on Stars for $2700. Good start. That was Tuesday night.Wednesday I went to my local Casino & had my 1st live win (55 runners, $70 tourney. $655 + entry to a $560 tourney).Friday night, 4th in a late night $109 FO for $1KToday I get up early as I have the day off from training (usually have basketball training Sunday mornings) - I en
  14. Haven’t posted in a while – been really bogged down with end of year stuff at work (oh the joy).Actually had a couple of weeks on in mid-June (primarily to coach a bball tourney, but also to play some poker). Had a decent run of tourney wins in those 2 weeks, but the rest of June was fairly ordinary. Finished +$2.5K but my ROI was only 57%, when it had been over 170% the 3 months previous. I guess that was a ridiculously unachievable figure, though. Total profit for ’07 is currently at $14.5K (which isn’t worth as much to me as it was previously, due to the Aussie dollar getting stronger.  I’
  15. Not quite - I think 1st is something like $200K (with part of it being paid in WPT & WSOP entries), and 18th-20th get $25K.Ghostlove,You have to qualify by making the final table of 3 consecutive tournaments. Only certain tournaments qualify. I got 2 in a row, but couldn't snag my 3rd .Imper1um is in. Ship the 1st place now .
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