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  1. figured this would be the right forum to post this. for those of you that use bodog, do you know if those all access prepaid visas still work?any help is appreciated
  2. you can get one on amazon for $15.00.. no need to spend $89 on the official FCP one.
  3. its funny how his wife seems like such a sweetheart yet shes married to doyle. i cant imagine she knows about half the things he's done/seen
  4. never called for a barrage before but im extremely bored on a friday night.. current 4.40 on stars 59892192 .. anyone in?
  5. seems the thread is kind of dead but i just got home from work. I was looking at this same tv at the store the other day. my 40" akai LCD cost me about $3000 4 years ago. its a great tv considering its EDTV as opposed to HD. the max resolution i get when hooked up to the computer is 720X480 but the text in poker tables is unreadable.. have to run one large table over the whole screen at 800x600 to see it from the couch across the room. my question is.. would i have to spend big money to get a tv that would look good from across the room with 2-3 tables running or would one like this be suitabl
  6. hey rab.or anyone else for that matter.. ill ship you my .30 remaining cents on pokerstars for any amount of play money 30K+ .. that seems to be about the going rate nowadays
  7. hilarious. you and the op both need to take a break from televised poker
  8. glad this latest development occurred 3 days after i paid $30 in all access gift card fees
  9. ive only used them on FTP but they will most likely work.. at least i heard they have. they come in 25 50 and 100 .. 3.95 4.95 and 5.95 fee respectively
  10. greendots dont work.. the only ones that work now are all access visa gift cards available at any sunoco gas station.. google it
  11. plenty of threads on this topic but ill give you a quick response.. turningstone sucks.. after asking around FCP for a while i finally made the trip up. as far as the overall operation, it seems like the place is being run by a fraternity. everytime i asked a question to the floor, or the front desk they seemed completely clueless and i had to repeat myself 13-15 time. they offered all games from what i can remember but the lack of people when i went made it hard to find anything other than 1-2nl. the players are exactly as youd expect for a small casino that allows 18 yrs old to gamble (with
  12. my question is .. is it really true that this guy grinded it out from $6 sngs to the highest stakes online games available? or is it more like.. he had a rich mommy and daddy that padded his bankroll allowing him to play these stakes at 20 yrs old.edit: im not taking anything away from the guy..obviously sick player.. but that big a jump in stakes doesnt seem possible in such a short period of time .. world class player or not.
  13. ill give you Brazzillion : 1 odds that Jamie Gold has a boyfriendill give you 8 brazzillion : 1 odds that jamie golds boyfriend is also named jamie gold
  14. that made me spit my crown and coke on the floor
  15. what no one is pointing out here is that phil hellmuth has complete racing attire with the phil hellmuth insignia. the guy has a custom outfit for every occasion. not interesting to anyone else?
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