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  1. Not racist, racism is when you look down on that race, or see yourself as better, saying that a black people are diffrent than lets say white is not racist. Its merely a fact. But i like spicing things up on the internet cause im protected by my anonymous positionAnd man i just went on feeling to suggest that it's just one more person trying to act super offended and threw in the "i'm african american" in such a manner that to me, seems hes not. Maybe i'm wrong but i dont care if i am. This is the internet, and i'll go my gut feeling.
  2. I dont know what it is about your post, but i dont think you are black. Maybe cause ive never heard a black person call themselves african american and the general attitude in the post.And yeah, everyone should display extreme guilt and sorrow then post a picture of themselves shedding a tear for what they have done. Or perhaps some people are lighthearted and doesnt take things super serious all the time? I think he was portraying a rastafarian more than a black person, i was thinking "rastafarian" not "black person!!!" when i saw him.
  3. How the hell do you find it racist when its merely singeling out black people so their opinion on the matter is seperate for the rest, as it OBVIOUSLY is as they are the ' victim'.I find my reasoning acceptable enough
  4. I wanted to see if its only non black people who are discussing if black people are offended, i find that to be a good thing to find out, cause then you can kill the arguement by saying we cannot accomplish anything without a large quantity of the "victims" opinion.
  5. As i said, its only to see how many black people are here, and if they are offended. As i thought it would be fun to see if its only non black people talking about how racist it is.
  6. You have no idea how many dislikes bush do you, are you uninformed on how badly he has messed up all foreign relations, have you ever been abroad?USA is about 300million in population. The world is 6.4 billion. Half of usa likes bush, 150million (more like 100million nowdays)So i wouldnt be suprised if out of the remaining 6.1billion ATLEAST 80% dislikes bush, more like 90%+ anyway.Dont you like my reasoning on why ATLEAST 90% of the world have a hatred for bush and his policies? If so please state why.
  7. Na man, i just wanted to see if its just non-black people discussing if this is offensive to black people.i hope you understand my logic behind the poll.
  8. i mean 90% of the world, not 90% of the united states. and its probably more like 95percent or maybe a bit more.
  9. it's only broken as in the first 4 or 5 votes didnt get in. Probably cause the forum isnt set up correclty in the poll options or something.
  10. i think i broke the polledit: i changed tagline and it apparantly reset the votes, but not the ability to vote again if you voted before i changed the tagline.. so my vote was no and i'm not black, 3 more people had their vote removed...
  11. Listen person with a gangster as avatar, there is a diffrence between judging a person who is the president of the united states, and someone who is writing a blog. The reason is that the blog is only about opinion, not like the president which presents not only opinion; but also followed by action which then the result is reviewed. Daniel is reviewing the presidents result and action(and his review of him is about the same as 90% of planet earth) You are reviewing the mental state of daniel which seems based on stereotypes of others who have the same beliefs as him.
  12. Why do you people have the mentality of children while discussing serious topics, to me, that doesnt seem to be a good mix. Maybe thats exactly the thing that makes problems? OH WAIT, it is!
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