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    The Hideout

    Yeah, I was going to get the main event broadcast but it was my buddys 30th birthday so I will ljust listen to all yous guys. thats good enough for me anyways.I have to get up in five hours and then go to work then go to a wedding practive then a bday party. Man its going to be agood weekend. Especcially if Gold doenst take her down.
  2. They should play Welcome to the Jungle when Daniel enters.Badass
  3. magnus72

    The Hideout

    Rock on dude.Thats awesome.PS This is my first time posting drunk and away from work.Hey CardWarfareI see you there.Are you pumping some Tool or what?\
  4. Put it back down to the 50 you started with.But some groceries and other stuff with the other money.
  5. Blue Jays are going down tonight, as long as Silva gets about ten runs for support.Tommorow should be a good game with Garza on the mound in his major league debut.
  6. Yeah you gotta love Febreze.Everytime I spray it on it makes it easier to just sit on the couch.
  7. Exactly.And the guy is going to be a little pissed either way geting knocked out of a tournament. Everybody is.
  8. This has already been taken care of.The owl in the commercial says it only takes three licks to get to the center.
  9. Anywhere in the Black Hills, SD would be a good place for the whole family. In deadwood there are places to play poker and throughout the black hills there is a ton of stuff to do with the whole family.
  10. I have just been living paycheck to paycheck for the last two years. I pay all my bills, then its off to either the casino or the bar. So my bankroll is always under $500.
  11. I just clicked on this thread to see your half naked picture of Jessica Alba this morning.Thanks JadeTiger keep it up
  12. CongratulationsI have to wait til Monday for my life to begin.
  13. I was looking for it on dishnetwork last night and there is final table poker with Phil Gordon for 9 dollars. That is his insturctional DVD not the main event final table.
  14. Yea I understand where you are coming from there. But if you have one of those three starting hands why not try to slow play it and moke more money off of them. Its not like you pick up a monster every other hand.
  15. I have no clue what the player's range would be because I wasn't at the table.But I would say the small blind has anything from AJ-AK, 66-JJ, if he was any stronger then that why wouldn't he want to see a flop heads up?
  16. Yeah. You had to know he was an idiot when he tried to get in the NFL early.Ever since then its pretty much inevitable that hes going down the path he is traveling.
  17. Yup, especially if it is just the tow of you in the hand, you have to call here.
  18. My futon broke last night and now its all bumpy.
  19. AAAAAhhhhJust had to get one more look in before walking out the door.
  20. Hachem had him covered by 35,000. Kido had enough to where he could have folded and lost the 50,000 and still have been sitting alright.
  21. We are going to cream you on the 19th and 20th and I am going to be there to see it.
  22. "I was being sarcastic Carp do you know what that means?"Carp, "Noooooo""OK then you do"..........................a few lines later"You actually quacked at the principal? Are we ducks or what?"What a classic.
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