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    Cards, golf, sports, anything that isn't boring.
  1. Oneeydjaq

    The Hideout

    Damn people are still talking in here, well sort of.
  2. Resorted to political talk?
  3. Tourney 92876570 on PS
  4. Anyone wants to cheer me on, Id be grateful.......OEJ
  5. I cant believe I am saying this, but, I agree with McGee
  6. Whenever I feel sad, I just stop being sad, and be AWESOME instead.
  7. Oneeydjaq


    Bear Bryant, FTW!
  8. Dunno if anyone knows or cares, but, Craig Gray is "MrCasino" on Pokerstars. #1 rated player on the site according to www.officialpokerrankings.com. Wish GL to Daniel and craig, love to see that heads up match.
  9. You dont SAL. The cop who gave you the ticket has no life.
  10. So about this bet...If one were to lay a sidebet on who will win, how would it be proved that said "victor's" claim is true? Or are we all just going on the "honor system"?
  11. Im fairly certain that any meeting you would be invited to would take place in a dark alley and you would be the only one without a sock and a bar of soap.
  12. I dont recall your post probation being lifted.
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