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  1. This has happened to me once in my life. It was about 7 years ago, I was a broke student. I took the money and did not feel that guilty about at the time. I used the money as a small bankroll for a local 4-8 underground game.If you want to talk about karma, Ive had much more than the 500 I took from the guy taken from me. So this was an opportunity to help balance the equation.With age comes maturity and a bigger conscience. I feel bad about it these days but honestly I can not say for certain that I wouldn't do it today if put in the same situation. Instead of being a broke student now
  2. sacopoo

    Hey Fatties

    God damn you are fat, like orca fat bitch. Eat twinkies much? Gotta love those bigmacs fatty. Why don't you get off your fat lazy ass and workout. Damn I hate fat whiny bitches. Maybe you could hump some of your piƱatas, that should burn a few calories.
  3. Jew kids arent really kids. that is what my mom taught me
  4. I went on a date tonight and had a turtle head the entire night....kept itching.
  5. I usually strangle the bitch if she doesnt swallow, i guess shooting her works also. A little messy though imo.
  6. I tilted last night got drunk and did a really ugly chic. Best sex of my life. **** pokerstars if they try to take that away.
  7. [x] DN was not offerred 1% to sign with FT and is a little jealous and insulted that Clonie may have.[x] DN has gone ding bat crazy and is making things up and does not know all the facts but likes to think he does.[x] DN's ego has become Hellmuthian.[x] DN does not understand that just because something is bad for poker does not mean it cant be trumped by moral, legal, or ethical issues.[x] DN spews his mouth to much and without thinking.Whether or not this case has any merit is yet to be determined by the courts. But, the way DN has handled himself in regards to it is pretty absurd even by
  8. "the man up and vanished like a fart in the wind""im gonna go pinch a loaf"or something like that
  9. Not as good as some of the others but...This happenned just last weekend. I was at my brothers house for a family get together. He has a 1 year old or so. Anyway, I am standing to the side of the TV watching football when I let one go, silent of course as I am civilized. It was pretty rank.My nephew was sitting on the floor playing with his toys close to me. A couple of seconds after I let it slide my sister-in-law walks by and stops. Her face wrinkles and she says "Jackson, (my nephews' name) do you need to be changed" picks him up and checks him. He doesnt and I walk away trying not t
  10. The numerous dicks that have been in your ass, sometimes 2 at a time?
  11. The numerous dicks that have been in your ass, sometimes 2 at a time?
  12. I gave a chick an alaskan pipeline once. She was a freak.
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