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  1. I guess the first step is figuring out what you want from poker. If you are just looking to play recreationally then casual study of older books is fine, but if you want to become competitive beyond this point....honestly dude, most (all) of these books won't improve your game. Any really applicable information will be expensive ($100-$1,000 for books) because winners don't give away strategy for cheap. You want to buy things that will increase your poker IQ; that will get you thinking why do better players do what they do moreso than what do they do. Learning what a squeeze play is or wha
  2. The biggest mistake microdonks make is float too many streets. Find a table where people are getting into too many flops and nut peddle the shit out of them. if you get bored, open more tables.
  3. Eh, it's a player based call. I only bum hunt 200nl games so I never have more that 4 of them open. I was watching this dude close because he was also at like 6 of my 100nl tables. I would agree, it would be unwise to call shoves all the time with A-high and up. I thought that was obvious, but I guess I'm wrong. Right now 200nl regs are better than me, and it will probably stay that way because I dont have the time to invest into poker to get my game that smooth. I'll stick to either 8 tabling 100nl or playing tons of 50nl while just bum hunting higher games. CM, what stakes do you play
  4. Call turn because I think my hand has showdown value. I fold riv if the card is a J,Q, H or if he doesn't make a bet that's so obviously a bluff.
  5. I don't really do stats... Too lazy. I would guess 35/25 though
  6. I can now safely say this is the best call of my poker career:http://cakepoker.com/en/HandHistory/Defaul...Gw4jMxsDCw8c%3d
  7. depends how important the $$ is to you... if he makes it $7 just start re-poping him all the time with your good hands. **** small ball.
  8. I know a lot of you like him and I couldnt find a thread on it. Seat 1: J.C. Alvarado - 1,200,000Seat 2: Jason Lester - 790,000Seat 3: Eugene Todd - 985,000Seat 4: David Kitai - 1,375,000Seat 5: John Kabbaj - 1,320,000Seat 6: Kirill Gerasimov - 1,060,000Seat 7: Eric Baldwin - 1,600,000http://www.pokernews.com/wsop/2009/event-45/
  9. also depends how many tables you play:9 tabling i'd have 12 bi downswings25 tabling i'd have 22bi downswingsyou wont see how good you really are until you've played about 1k sngs at least. Preferably 5k. Just keep track of any leaks you may have. For example (chips always short on the bubble? maybe you're too tight; constantly busting in 5th or 6th... maybe too loose... just dont take it too far and get pissed when sb v bb the bb wakes up with kk, qq, AA, Ak, AQ when you're 5 handed.)There's plenty of value in lower level sngs, but if you wanna beat anything $16 or above, I would recommend
  10. stars yes, full tilt no. 25+ people successfully hack durrr's acct a day and need to prevented from taking his funds. Pretty sure fluffdog's acct got hacked on fulltilt too but not positive.
  11. Bet 4 on flop if he calls I probably check turn. If he bets I fold, if he checks, I check call river as long as flush draw doesnt get there.As played, fold to raise on river. ... IMHOYou're trying to extract maximum value from draws and lose the min against poorly played monsters.
  12. These threads convince me that poker will be very profitable for years to come. OP, where do you play?
  13. you do realize high stakes poker isn't live, right? It was recorded months ago. Sooo, your elevator doesn't quite rise to the top floor does it.
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