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  1. hellmuth had it coming i am sorry the guy is a great holdem player but his blow ups are to much sometimes
  2. the 20 to 15 bankroll for buy ins what i been doing it works great i have took a few swings i been moving up slowly
  3. yea they like to take there time that is for sure
  4. yea i emailed rakebackpros like 3 weeks ago and as of today i got rake back on full tilt when i been on the list that full tilt poker has for along time
  5. have u ever seen him like fall asleep at a tables seems like the guy never stops
  6. daniel the news is shocking may she lay to rest sorry for your loss
  7. i think he is but i think what poker tim is trying to get at he hated jamie gold holding that spot
  8. for me its hellmuth he starts going off i just change it can't stand it when he opens to talk
  9. man i live like a hour east from u guys in port hope there is no home games up here at all
  10. what i do is i get up walking away go out side for a few mins . just to get my mind right
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