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  1. He is underage kid from Sweden. You will know more when he gets older
  2. To the above statement... I think our problem is having too much heart and not enough skill. They go out and play to win but aside from Kessel we don't have goal scorers
  3. There is another starting in a little over an hour. Jump in everyone. Try to update it. I'd like to see how everyone else here does
  4. Tournament Id# 187873392It started around 8. I was playing in it... I think we are talking about different tournaments
  5. The Fox PokerStars Million Dollar Challenge... which is still running...
  6. This thread is to ask who is playing in the million dollar challenge... and ask how you did in the tourny... do people read here or just build their post counts by asking the same question as the person before them?
  7. Eliminated. The deck turned on me. High Kickers and a knife in the chest to seal the deal. I had A - 7 he had a pair of queens. Flop brings A T 3 Then 9 then Q... I'm still talking to myself on this. Too much too quick
  8. Turn for the worst. Some sketchy calling and high kickers have me on the brink of elimination
  9. Who is in? How are you doing so far?I'm up almost 2000 of the original pot but I've been as low as 800. Good luck by the way
  10. I see. That kinda sucks. Not a lot conversations going on this forum. Will be tough but I will be patient
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