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  1. Don't forget, in addition to the factors that you mentioned, the strength of your drawing hand matters. Are you drawing to the nut flush and the board is unpaired? or are you drawing for a straight when there are three diamonds out? I would be (or at least, should be) more likely to semi-bluff when I'm drawing to an ace high flush than a 10 high flush. So yeah, it's probably better to semi-bluff if you are drawing to the nuts than if you aren't, cause you can hit and lose alot of money. But of course, you want to mix things up by checking with your nut draw and betting with smaller draws s
  2. Wow guys, I don't know why you are having trouble getting into the red quadrant.Economic Left/Right: -9.12Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 6.97 That was easy. I just had to go with the "strong" answer in every case against corporations, and pro government personal control. Also, I'm extremely racist. Oh, and apparently I hate gay people.
  3. Just to be clear, even though everyone figured it out: yes, my score was a joke. I was in the libertarian-right region. I like the concept of that test, but I agree, there are some questions that bother me alot. Execution is a little bleh. One of the ones that bother me is the one about how totalitarian governments can be more decisive than other types. I'm thinking "Well obviously, and there are 100 downsides that come with it..." So how do we answer that? I mean, if I take the question literally, I suppose I have to agree. It's almost as evil as True or False questions on an exam, heh.
  4. Nah, it wasn't a troll thread. 'Twas a joke thread. roll threads are intended to be taken seriously so they get angry responses.
  5. Can't really tell, perhaps it's just the more revealing clothing she's wearing. I've never really stared at her boobs much, and I'd have to be really bored/creepy to go get another picture and sit at my computer comparing them. :PI always thought she was cute in a petite-badass sort of way, like Tina Weymouth (bass player for the band Talking Heads). Those pictures (whether it's the more revealing clothing or a boob job) make her a little less cute imo.
  6. Now, I know Obama has some popularity on this board, but sometimes I feel that we live in different universes. I mean, what exactly has he accomplished in his three months so far? Consider the facts:*Barack Obama called for the assassination Hugo Chavez*Barack Obama tried to invade Cuba and failed miserably*Barack Obama ran a campaign ad accusing his opponents of starting a nuclear war*Barack Obama got us entrenched in Vietnam with the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution*Barack Obama had sex with a female intern*Barack Obama's white half is a former member of the KKK*His black half is Muslim*Barack Obam
  7. Well, thanks for the positive responses.I agree, I think calling the river was a good move. I'm getting such a good price...I was expecting him to show an ace, actually.I disagree with calling the turn though. What if the board hadn't paired again on the river? Then I'd be in a much worse situation. I got really lucky with that river card, I think.EDIT:Actually...I do have two overcards. And if I'm happy with the board pairing, that gives me 8 more outs. Hmmmm. 30% odds....25% of the pot to call on the turn. Perhaps that wasn't as bad of a call as I thought. I called here in case he was just t
  8. Okay, well, to clarify a few things:If he had bet bigger, I would have folded for sure.If the board hadn't paired twice, I would be folding, even to his small bet.I was pretty sure he didn't have a pocket pair. If he had a high pocket pair, he would have likely reraised me PF. If he had a mid pocket overpair, checking the flop would be really stupid imo. (What do you do if you have two 8's and then a card higher than a 8 comes on the turn? Bah.) And if he has 22 or 33 he's counterfeit.I was worried that he could have a monster and be making tiny value bets.Anyway, I called, thinking he likely
  9. PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em, $1.00+$0.20 Tournament, 15/30 Blinds (7 handed) - Poker-Stars Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.comHero (Button) (t1770)SB (t1370)BB (t1100)UTG (t1980)MP1 (t2480)MP2 (t3030)CO (t1770)Hero's M: 39.33Preflop: Hero is Button with A , Q :spade:UTG calls t30, MP1 calls t30, MP2 calls t30, 1 fold, Hero bets t120, 1 fold, BB calls t90, 1 fold, MP1 calls t90, 1 foldFlop: (t435) 5 , 4 , 6 (3 players)BB checks, MP1 checks, Hero checksTurn: (t435) 4 (3 players)BB bets t150, 1 fold, Hero calls t150River: (t735) 6 (2 players)BB bets t180, Hero ??The BB isn't exceptionally aggre
  10. That was one of the best football games I've ever seen.
  11. I think you should pay close attention to whether it's the better players that make you skiddish, or the higher stakes.
  12. Somebody may have already said this...Next time you transfer money, you could break it into chunks. You ship him 100, wait for 100 from him, then you ship the next 100. Or maybe even smaller chunks.Sorry for that loss.
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