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  1. I see your point. But Villain doesn't have to be strong for me to fold my hand. He has to have a "stronger hand" than hero. My 100% read was that I was beat, not that Villain was strong. He didn't have to be...I had nothing!!!!
  2. How can calling be "correct" If I have the worst hand? I would rather keep my money. Why put my money in when I"m 2nd best?I know what your are saying about odds and I kinda agree with you. But I will always be happy folding a losing hand that in it's self is correct isn't
  3. On the turn he went all in for $16 (sorry in my original post i messed up, he went all in on the turn not the river)I should a just called preflop..but I thought I had a decent chance of taking it down right there.A good way of going after a super aggressive villian is playing right back at him.....but..I should of raised more than, if I truly had a chance of doing what I had in mind to do
  4. I reraised there as I thought I had a great tight table image, and had a chance to take the pot pre-flop. And your assumption of the table to be weak at poker is a little harsh. You maybe correct in the asssumption that I don't play many times a week but the rest of the table is quite seasoned and play many hours a week!! It also wasn't a calling machine table either. For the most part there was some good poker being played by all.But your right I shouldn't of reraised there. Thanks for you input (I think)
  5. lol that's what everyone said....I know 99% of the people would and I know why...but for a couple of right reason, and a lot of wrong reasons...I won't (If I think I"m beat) But a fact I failed to mention was that..at that point...I was getting down on my stack aswell...and the $16 was about 20% of my stack.....but I know what you mean. I should of even bet the flop...and I wouldn't of had this problem
  6. Thanks for the insight guys!!!Bought in for $100..left with $80. I was up $90 at one point. I played super tight... and really tried to have a really good read on the table (I think I did that) Didn't get any hands to be honest with you. but when I did... I played them right except for one A J suited...where I lost most of my money from my super aggressive guy. He raised to $7 (again) 4 other callers and then I re raised to $25 (playing my tight image I have worked hard to get). He calls (after going into the tank) Everyone else folds. Flop comes nothing (junk for my A J) Didn't know
  7. I've played tournment against this guy (all of them actually) in the past...and they are very good players. Just have to play tight I guess and give it my best shotThanks again
  8. Going to play in a .5 - $1 cash game tonight (8 at the table). And these guys are good (better than me for the most part) I have a couple of guys pegged on how they play. The best buy at the table is tight...so that should be easy to play against. But I worried about the super aggressive guy. He will raise about 98% of the hands pre flop to $7 (no joke)That brings in a couple of questions.How do I play against that? And how much should I but in for?Any other help would be greatThanks in advance!!!
  9. Thanks for help guys!So here how it's going down. 7 players with a min buy in of $50 max $100. $1/$2 with .25 ante and a .50 bring in.Wish me luck!!!I'm the host...and I've decided to supply free beer to all...nice of me..ehh!!! (i hope to win enough $$ to cover it)
  10. Thanks a million!One more quick question. What are the rules in regards to raising? On the first 2 levels ($5) limit...how much can one raise, and how often can it be raised?Example: I bet $5..how much can you raise me? I've seen on TV that after a couple of raises...I guy says "I'll put you all in"How is that possible on a limit game?
  11. Thanks !I'm familiar with stud, as I have played it for a few years. But I don't know the "real" way to play with the ante and bring ins. We would just play normal betting (like hold'em) before. So now I want to play with all the rules involved.Thanks again
  12. Yes it is a cash game. Thanks for the info.Also...another quick question.Is there such a thing of "no limit" 7 card stud?
  13. Looking for some help.I just started playing poker (hold'em and 7 card stud). And I want to get a home game going. So my question is, with 7 players, what would be a good set of limits and bring in?I was thinking of a !50 to $100 buy in.Any help would be greatThanks in advance
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