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  1. The game at my local casino is $2/$3 with a $180 max buy-in.It regularly plays loose passive - i.e. not unusual to see 4 or 5 callers to a $15 to $20 raise with no re-raising.I have been wondering about the best type of pre-flop play at this sort of table in 2 situations:1. Given that we know that there is a risk that even a decent raise is not going to greatly reduce the number of players who see the flop, how good a holding do I want to raise in early position? Is it correct to tighten up a bit more in early position and only raise super premium hands like high pairs, or do I want to build
  2. with JJ I think the pre-flop call is OK - there are too many flops that we don't like and why make a big pot.on that flop, what we know about the villain? what is his range for the pre-flop raise out of the blinds? will he C-bet regardless on that flop? do we learn more by putting in a probe bet and seeing what he does, or will we be punished for sticking our neck out?with no information, I think I would play the flop the same and get on to the next hand.
  3. no i though about it for a bit and let it go.the thing that has really got me thinking about the hand was the bet size on the turn. how often does a made hand bet the pot here? On reflection, it screamed to me that it was a bet that did not really want a call.what level thinking do you give someone with a brain at the table? If I give him credit for putting me on top pair, ok kicker, on this bet, is he telling me:1. i have a made hand.2. i don't have a made hand, but you can't call a pot sized bet on a scary board.3. i have a made hand, but you won't think I have a made hand because this
  4. This hand is from my session tonight at the local casino.The game is $2/$3 NL with a $180 max buyin. The standard is generally horrible, especially on a Saturday night when the drunks and the gamblers come in. Lots of loose passive play (e.g. playing 9 handed, 7 limpers - someone pops it to say $15 there will regularly be 4-5 callers).Villain looks and acts like he knows what he's doing. Sat down not long ago - took down his first hand with big raises pre-flop and on the flop. He is next to me and while I haven't played a hand beyond the flop while he has been there, I think that he knows
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