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  1. Don Johnson.........I mean Colin Farrell
  2. Geez i hope not I will be at work by then.
  3. I have this guy figured out and its just from what I heard from you diehards.Come on Binger take it down!!!
  4. magnus72

    The Hideout

    Tommorow is Saturday buddy its always a better day then todayGood Luck Tommorow
  5. magnus72

    The Hideout

    I know its not the best time to say this becasue you guys are all busy watching the main event live, but I just went from newbie to regular and didnt notice it for at least two or three whole posts.PS: I am sorry for cloggin the threads with my drunken babble it wont be a regular occurence.
  6. I think that with a last name like Binger...that guy has to win it all.......wait a minute every other person or thing I have routed for the last week has went down so i will just say go Jaime take it down buddy.
  7. Good enough for me....Ijust hope its over before I have to go to work......My boss is gone for a week so I pretty much just have to show up tommorow.
  8. I am drunk and I am LMAO right now, gotta think of something positive after Allen goes down right?
  9. You see kids this is exactly why I dont get overexcited for the timberwolves every year.
  10. Dont be thatn upset....I mean come on the guy walked away with 3.6 million dollars.And he already had called 1.1 million in the pot so it wasnt all that bad of a call at all.It was aa coin flip and Allen came out on the short end.
  11. Just read your blog.....good luck on getting back in the swing buddy
  12. magnus72

    The Hideout

    I was so close to having sex while I wa asleep last night.....I was so pissed when I woke up.
  13. HAHA I was told while being in college, I looked like Mikey from the Goonies, because I had braces. I was 20 he was 12. I would always say.....you mean I look like Rudy????
  14. magnus72

    The Hideout

    I wonder how many people are taking acatnap right now.....and if they wake up fior the rest of the action
  15. I just looked at this thread because I seen who posted last and i knew he would have a good pic for me.....oh and+EV
  16. I also thought of....Here I am Rock you Like Hurricane........that would be sweetTo be honest with you I havent been the same since I lost my Trapt Cd.....used to listen to Headstrong to get pumped up for tournaments
  17. I havent read every page but I was wondering is ther any kickback of the videocast for the players at the table?????
  18. Come on Yoda....Sick em
  19. These guys are so weak....must have played like crap to pass up 8800 other players......idiot
  20. Thats not prison looks like my basement
  21. Zach, from what I have read, you know what the hell you are doingWhy the heck are you asking for our help?
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