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  1. You can do it through FTP now, I got the email a little while back, set it up, and now I'm getting 27% of something like $300 from 8 days of play. Should get my money on tuesday, maybe monday (assuming it's through business days).
  2. The Pop-Up I Keep Seeing If that's a referral just remove the tag, I just copied the URL from the pop-up I got on some site.Anyway, look at the things they say. Some include...a) The world's largest poker room!B) Sunday million!c) etcFunny/Oh, "satellites to the world series of poker"!Which doesn't make sense since harrah's changed it didn't they?
  3. this is why you don't play on shitty ****ing sites.best way to put it, sorry man.
  4. Shitty.5205 @ first break.
  5. Any other cool cats playing this donkfest?
  6. If you satellite into a tourney (The 100+9) and you don't want to play now, how can you NOT play it?
  7. jmoney, don't want to be the bringing of bad news, but you're making yourself sound like a total moron.also, i think the value of making the play (all-in) with at least a drawing hand is much better than 2:1 or 3:1 or whatever you think it is. I actually think that more than half of the time when you move all-in from this position with an OESD, your opponent folds. The other 50% of the time when he calls you are only a slight dog, which is amazing.This might be rugged math, but...50% + (0.33 * 50) = 50% + 16.5% = 66.5%Those are amazing odds.
  8. The the software mentioned (video player on iPodLinux) is what I'm running, by the way. However, I had to make some adjustments to the OS kernel though, as you would probably assume, not to mention the tweaks and component changes between the 5g and the mini.
  9. It's still a prototype.Basically, I have a broken 5g and a mini I don't want any more. I'm doing alot of circuits and stuff in school these days so I figured I would give modding a go.I took the time finding a decent LCD display on eBay that I thought would work well with the mini casing. I found a decent 1.75" color screen that wasn't even used in an iPod (the mini uses a 1.67"). It was a great deal so I obviously chose this for the first test.Removing the actual casing and the original screen from the mini was a real ***** then, but I ended up getting the new screen in, no problem.Anyways, a
  10. Don't ruin this thread, it's fairly serious.But, there is no universe. Just to answer your question.
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