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  1. one word.....MONEYMAKERNot taking anything away from internet players...especially being one myself. Just saying with the crap shoot the ME has turned into.....i dont' care what you say...it's a crapshoot....there is a good chance that with 8500+ players, the person who wins will be some internet player whose skills aren't as good as many of the pros. The fact that the ME is such a high paying tourney puts people on the money list and regards them highly is sad.....to say that Moneymaker or Varkonyi are great poker players because they are high on that list is ridiculous in itself. i'm sayi
  2. With that prize pool, some internet donk is gonna be 1st on the all time money list (that is if cunningham doesnt' win). I guess there's hope me yet
  3. trouble is...not posting for 30 minutes. Sometimes i dont' have 30 minutes to read and if i feel the need to respond to something ........i can't wait around.Maybe you should've waited 30 minutes before making this topic
  4. I got MARRIED and HONEYMOONED in Vegas!!! Although, my honeymoon was all about pool tournaments and poker since they are the 2 things me and my husband both like to do. My brother came down for the wedding and him and a few of my friends did the helicopter thingy and stuff which as touristy things they said were fantastic....so maybe your bride will like that stuff. The Hover Dam tour (i've never been but i'm not a touring kind of person) they really liked. Make sure you take her downtown for the light show, everyone loves that and you don't have to gamble.Also Celine is AWESOME!! i NEVER
  5. His mother said "ha ha no more money for charity"????Wow that's one dysfunctional family!!!!Truthfully, if that's what she said that's awful and makes me sick how someone who is about to be very fortunate (even 9th is a nice size paycheck) could seem so heartless. I'm not rich (or close to it)....i work for a living and would think that if i ever came into something like that, i wouldn't mind giving a little to others. I would be rooting for someone i know to win it (or me) but i never would've been rooting against someone who was giving his money to charity like that (at least not out loud-
  6. While reading another post, someone mentioned Tiger Woods being the World Champion of golf in reference to Greg Raymer being a World Champion of poker and this made me think:I think they should either change the "World Champion" title or restructure things. In the last 4 years of the WSOP virually unknowns have come crawling out of the woodwork to win the ME. I know they have all become professional players since their wins but only Raymer has actually proven himself to be a force (Hachem maybe but only because of his finish this year in the ME) Other than that, it seems like none of these
  7. i voted no, actually for alot of reasons.I think it can only give lawmakers and lobbyists in the US more ammunition against the war of online poker (and trust me, they'll use all they can) I don't think suing everyone is the right course of action, I think the mentality of "suing" people in the US is far out of control (sry Canadian here). I think it becomes riduculousAlthough i think the 7 involved have some valid points, i often wonder why there aren't MORE names on the lawsuit. If i was filing a lawsuit against a big corporation, i would want as many names on it as possible to show a va
  8. i'd push personally. There is only a small chance that he actually has AA. The fact that he checked the flop could mean he slow played AA or more than likely, could mean a smaller pp KK, QQ even AK afraid of the Ax to pair the board. I just think the likeliness of him actually having you beat at that point is very slim and i would go for itsry didn't see the flush draw there, still go nuts he probably would've continued bet the flush draw on the flop.
  9. IMO, i would've spoken to the police and had him arrested. if he's 13 and thinks its a joke...wait until he's 18 and you see the **** he gets into. If you don't scare the living **** out of him now and show him his behaviour has consequences, he's going to be nothing but problems later. No offense but this child needs some serious serious help. You may think you're doing him a favour by not telling the police or beating him senseless, but the more you let him get away with..........the worse it's going to get, especially if you let him off relatively easy.
  10. I think it's very big of him (no pun intended) to come and apologize to Daniel. It's true, everyone steams once in a while and this has been a very hectic month for alot of people.GROUP HUG
  11. You'd think with all that sunshine.......
  12. keith, you're killing me today........the rally was good but this one almost made me peeeeee.....thanks needed a chuckle
  13. DN never singled out any of the 7 about the lawsuit. Just because he said that he didn't agree with what "the 7" were doing doesn't give anyone a right to use kindergarten name calling tactics cause they don't like his opinion. I'M RUBBER....YOU'RE GLUE"
  14. i actually call alot of people kid and kiddo, i think it's a term of endearment....i guess it's a Canadian pool player thing
  15. Don't you have to be 21 to get into the WSOP. i hope that kid's fake id is good enough when he reaches the payout window..they won't refund his buy in either
  16. To the OP,(Daniel please feel free to correct me if i'm wrong or if anything offends) The impression i get is that Daniel just feels that by these 7 bringing a lawsuit against the WPT is the bad idea here. I don't really think it has anything to do with either of the parties or what the issues are. I think it's just that with the US looking to ban internet poker, it's giving politicians more ammunition. Why choose now to throw gasoline on the fire....it's already ripping through the forrest on its own. I don't think he has expressed an opinion of who is right or wrong on the issues of th
  17. i personally think that regardless of who is right or wrong here, (i've done a little reading and although i'm not completely versed on the subject, i think i have a better understanding of it) this is completely ridiculous!!!! i do believe that the WPT is somewhat over the top in regards to their release clause however, i think the 7 involved having exclusivity contracts with other companies and limiting themselves is in fact THEIR OWN FAULT. I can see how the WPT needs to change their practices but slapping a frivolous lawsuit on them, especially at a time when the whole internet poker em
  18. Lets start with: if the WPT didn't exsist, Phil Gordon would NOT have a market for his instructional video nor would he have crappy Celebrity Poker Showdown.What is with everyone in the United States (really no offense meant) thinking that it's ok to shift all the blame of your OWN mistakes by suing someone else for it.Maybe he should be suing expertinsight.com instead, since in all probablilty, it was the 2nd thing he signed, not the 1st.I agree it seems unfair that the WPT makes the players sign away certain things, but lets face it, you don't get something for nothing, at least not in the
  19. all of these 7 players have opted to give up their own exclusivity rights to their respective online poker sites, so now they are complaining that they are ineligible for these tourneys because of their decisions to make money elsewhere. This was their own decisions and now it would seem that they are upset by what they have chose to do and are crying about it by bringing a lawsuit about. LOOK FOLKS, YOU CAN'T HAVE YOU'RE CAKE AND EAT IT TOO!!!! Has the WPT changed its release that drastically in the last few years that these players did not know what they were getting into when they signed
  20. i can't play on bodog, for some reason they discriminate against us Canadians.....but they are soooooo willing to advertise on our televisions.PS....does anyone know why they won't accept Canadian accounts?
  21. that made me laugh too, but in all honesty, until this whole thing started i didn't know who the 7 in the lawsuit were (not that i really cared). But Daniel NEVER singled out any of them or actually said outright who they were. I know i'm a little naive to maybe not have figured it out, but really i don't care, i don't see it as being good for poker either. As for Raymer and Hachem (and Moneymaker) for that, all are paid very well by PS for their images and this is probably one of those cases. Unfortunately, they didn't censor Raymer's chat and this is probably gonna hurt his image more th
  22. 2 from the Money and short stacked, i might have folded to a raise....yes even AA. In that situation, it may be worth it
  23. i forgot, Jennifer Tilly......can't stand women who act like bubble heads to get ahead in life. There is no reason for her to be wearing an evening gown that leaves NOTHING to the imagination at a poker game amongst her "friends". I can see using that strategy at the ME or something but did anyone catch the outfit for PS3? Not to mention, i dont really think she's a "world class player"/"professional" yet, but she's not really a good actress either
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