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  1. We are playing .25-.50 PL Omaha 4 handed. Player 1 is a very good loose aggressive player that has history of making big plays at pots. Player 2 is a more conservative player who plays close to the vest. Here is how the hand goes down....All four of us limp I have A K 2 8 Flop is 10 8 7 I was in the big blind, P1 was on the button and PL 2 was UTG.I check, P2 fires $2 and gets called by P1 and meTurn is 2 I check again, P2 fires $8, P1 calls, and I callRiver is 8 I check again, P2 checks, and P1 fires $25, after some deliberation I call, P2 foldsP1 had - 10 10 7 6P2 claimed he had
  2. Just wanted to see if anybody could offer some useful tips that have helped them when playing shorthanded. My home game tonight will most likely be shorthanded and I just wanted some tips or tricks that I could concentrate on while playing.Thanks is advance...
  3. The KKs was a type-o sorry LOL...you have to question my poker playing ability? The reason I wanted him to check behind me, because that pot was already big enough to be satisfied with, the board was scary with a straight possibility, and I could of had the worst of it. I had pretty much made up my mind I was gonna pay off a river bet, but was just hoping that he would check. I think this play in anything but weak-tight, just my humble opinion...damn newbies!!!
  4. Playing in my weekly home game with a bunch of buddies, whom I know very well. We are playing 6 handed and my buddy, whom we will have the name Brian raised it to $2. We are playing NLHE .25-.50. He is a really good player, who plays a lot of Omaha, and that kind of carries over into the way he plays Holdem. He gets 2 callers behind him, plus the small blind, plus me in the big blind with Q J .Flop - Q 10 5 The small blind checks, I check, and Brian fires $4 into the pot. It folds around to me.This is one of the many times that I feel that this is a continuation bet. I check raise t
  5. bumpI think the main reason is that I did not re-pop before the flop is that he did raise the minimum from the one hole, which looked very strong. I had no idea what type of player he was. I didnt want to commit all of chips at that time, to be at best a coinflip, but more than likely dominated.I think I had I just called the turn and it came a blank on the river, I would of had the chance, to either get away from it if he pushed all in or pay off a smallish bet and still have right around 10000 to work with...
  6. I would have gladly taken my lumps if he had AA, A10 with the A , or AK with a :club:But he had K J , needless to say the board didnt pair and I was out...What do you think about his play from UTG and mine?
  7. On the bubble in recent tourney with about 600 people, top 100 get paid. 110 people left, I am about average chips stack with 19000, my opponent is UTG with about 21000. Just got moved to this table so not sure how he plays, blinds are 600-1200.He raises to 2400 UTG. I call from the cutoff with 10 10 and everybody else foldsFlop - A 2 6 He checks, I checkTurn - 10 He bets 1200, I raise to 5000, he pushes all in.Couple of Questions...1. What do you do if you were me? I called because 40000 in chips would have put me with the chipleaders, and I was playing to win the tourney not just
  8. LOL...are you his bodyguard?...just messing with ya, I am just giving him a hard time because he gave me a hard time...
  9. Although I think Elvis was at the Fitzgerald a block or two from us...
  10. Who put sand paper on this guy's toilet seat? Nothing was meant by this generalization, the theatre wasnt even half full for the Sunday night show. I would assume that it is different on Fridays and Saturdays. Ill be the first to admit that we got lucky, I did not mean anything by my generalization. TSwing take a chill pill, have you had a bad experience getting tickets or with Penn and Teller?
  11. $75 and you can call almost anytime and get really good seats. We called 3 hours before the show got 5th row center...
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