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  1. Psh....he doesn't even play poker anymore....then again neither do i.....
  2. getting back on my feet, thats all....playing no poker
  3. Jordan, long time, how ya been?
  4. i had two handles i used on party, gutshotapk, and bigjohnapk
  5. the incident with royal was that he told me that he would take them if I'd already got them, but that he had already worked something else out with someone else. so i kept them, i never took his money or anything.the reason that I didn't respond to beavers thread was due to the fact that I was just finding out about all this **** happening, and frankly, even though I knew I owed some people money here, i had a few more pressing matters to deal with, like making sure I didn't lose my house or my car.And the username was important why?
  6. I paid mark his money, thats how.Yes, the boat win was real. Have a new car and down payment on a house to prove it.
  7. yeah guys, for those of you that had trouble with the supposed me from around October 26th onward, let me know what happened.I thought I would've learned before, but i took my laptop to get serviced at a less than reputable place because it was cheap.Long story short, 4 new maxed out credit cards, a charged off bank account and neteller, and a shot credit report.And a full time job now.
  8. Dat's right, beeeeeeeeeeches.Not playing, but I have half of my buddy's action, and I'll be playing with him on his comp.Get your mind out of the gutter you fools.... ..His name is mazenbluejwj. Watch the fcuk out.
  9. Is it just me, or is this a really cleverly disguised bad beat story?BBFIDTS.
  10. I use this one when I play live."Figjam baby, Figjam!" or just "Figjam""Whats that?""Figjam? Fcuk Im good, just ask me."
  11. When I won my tourney on the boat earlier this year, When I cashed out the money on the first night, I had security walk me to my car. Nothing happened.The only time anythings ever come close to happening, is I was at Bank of America in Tallahassee, and withdrew 10k, and some bum in the bank saw me do it. So Im walking outside, and this bum goes "hey man can you help a guy out?" I used my standard line of "Hey man, I only got plastic on me." Next thing i know he grabs my arm and whispers in my hear "I know you got some coin man, don't **** with me..."So now im scared.Luckily, im about 10 f
  12. Anyone notice the withdrawal fees went up as well?
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