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  1. Look at this way, there is no guarantee that the small stack was going out in 8th place, so you had to play your hand. I guess you could have folded but, it is hard to fold KK and just got unlucky running into aces.
  2. Player A has 4s Ad 10h Ks Player B has 6h Js 2s 6c Board shows Kc 7d 6s 8c 5c would player a win with a 8 high strght? Player b has trip sixes with King kicker.
  3. Does anybody know if there is any difference between the wpt and the wsop release form? I was just wondering if raymer and hachem had won their millions on the wpt tour would they be part of this lawsuit. Why is Howard, Annie, and Chris just now suing they have been playing on the wpt tour for years and have been signing the release forms. The forms could not have changed that much, and if the release forms and the wpt were that unfair you would think more than 7 players would file suit.
  4. Daniel has been knocked out of the 2006 wsop tourny, if cardplayer's update is right.
  5. Mike Matusow down to $5,000 just lost big pot on bluff Mike had 2c 4c other player had Ac 9c on board of 9h Kd 3h As 7d. Player pre-flop raise then keep check calling all the way down.
  6. Mike Matusow playing 50/100 nl hold on ftp right now has about $8,892 last i checked, don't know how much he started with. Do any of you guy know how many tables the rio has where there playing the wsop tourny.
  7. How many poker tables does rio have where there playing the wsop tourny? I am guessing around 200 but i would like to know exactly how many. Last year they had over 2500 entrants but i didn't hear of them having to use alternates. So the number of tables had to be well over 200.
  8. wsop is not the only poker tournament going these days, you have the wpt which in my imo is better than the wsop. Harrah better get their act together because if the pros boycott future wsop than nobody going watch table full of no names play poker on tv. Seems like most of the complaints from the pros can be easily fixed, like with the schedule just don't have as many tournaments and put in a few more non-hold'em events.
  9. Vote all their asses out of office when it comes time.
  10. Mike Matusow raises to $20,000 preflop called by Matt Heintschel. Flop Qd,Jd,Ts Matt checks Mike bets $20,000 Matt calls. Turn Kc Mike bets $50,000 Matt folds showing J,9. Even though he made the final table it was a bad fold, the only hand that had him beat was A,K and at that stage of the tour he should have moved all-in, and built his chip stack.
  11. Thur 6-29 limit hold tour $1500 at the cardplayer site it said the tour had 1601 entrants but the prize pool listed was only $1,457,820 if i am doing my math right that does not add up. It should be around $2,400,000 , i emailed cardplayer about their mistake. They either had the number of entrants wrong or did their math wrong.
  12. Blinds are at 100/200 I am in sb with Ah,Kh which i call bb, then bb raises to 600 i then re-raise to 1000 then bb goes all-in and i call. Big blind has As,Qc and of course hit queen on river. Start of hand bb has about 10,000 in chips and i have little over 8,000 in chips. Should i have just raised to begin with, or when bb raise me should i just gone ahead and gone all-in.
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