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  1. he DN u said u never said anything about him in ur blog, what about the breats joke?
  2. you mean, and since when do you have to have
  3. saw that did it 2x, it was a muscle memory typo and i couldnt edit it after. blah i hate u...
  4. He is at table Dorothea II, a 25/50 PLO table on stars, if you would like to talk to him, maybe u could come to better understand each others views. (now gone 11:16)
  5. nm, just realized this is really gossipy and i hate gossip.
  6. what is the best deal for signing up with party poker, rake back ne where? NE THING GOOD OUT THERE?
  7. http://www.knst.org/users/chi/pics/PhaneufLOL.gif
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