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  1. Heh, no youre not, unless you put the avatar of your girlfriends goods back up...TYTYJeff
  2. LOOOL, +1 to this JeffP.S. Welcome Welcome
  3. LOL, Only MJ could say one word and have it mean soooo much.Jeff
  4. I play about 9 at a time now at FTP all turbos, play them, they are easy and short. As for the STT Tracker, its called SharkScope, www.sharkscope.com. You get 5 free searches per day but can pay for more.Jeff
  5. Ultimate Butt is NOT Hellmuth. When he first started playing the Big Games on FTP he said he was suprfish or someone like that from UB, so yah hope that clarifies.Jeff
  6. Vogel, only in satellites do you start with 1k in Chips, in regular cash tournament rebuys, or whatever you want to call them, you start with 1500 and the add on is 2k at the break.Jeff
  7. Super deep in 750K on FTP, SN = KappaKid83. Its actually not me its a buddy of mine I staked because I had to work until after it started, so yah come support if you are bored.Jeff
  8. Was at one in California iat ChuckChansi(SP?) Indian Casino. The satellites are the best value by far, and the super sats to the satellites are good too. The Super Sat. structure blows but the satellite structure is decent and the ME structure is pretty good. Well run tournaments and good side game actoin.Jeff
  9. The game at the MGM is sick soft for 1/2. Most times I have played there 200-600 in a few hours easy, game is best in Vegas hands down.Jeff
  10. Live - I leave a live game when I am getting to tired to concentrate, the game is getting rocky or I am stuck 3 buy ins.Online - Whenever the hell I feel like it.Jeff
  11. LOL I guess you are just hell bent on not letting this down. I guess me arguing with you about some of the larger name Live game pros who have done this online would be fruitless so I will not. I guess you win, but your ignorance is well shown.Jeff
  12. The measure of what he did is no different than what most sucessful online players do, and yes its bad, but its inevitable in a world without faces, just names and numbers in a database. You are an idiot for thinking he is the ONLY one who did or ever will do this. Jeff
  13. What he did online was wrong, but denying that he is indeed a good player, that would be just as wrong. I know a lot of players are flahses in the pan so we will have to see, but lets give credit where credit is due right now, hes running good and playing well, congrats to him.Jeff
  14. TJ, love the new Avatar, very nice sir .Jeff
  15. Holy waste of time... but thanks for breaking the monotony that is Multis.Jeff
  16. Didnt see this thread earlier, Im in as KappaKid83. Have about 9.4K in chips right now.Jeff
  17. TJ flop was A24, turn 4, river 5, OBV Below gets lucky FTW.Jeff
  18. You have no idea how much those rooms cost do you??? And most pros dont want to stay on the strip during the WSOP, want to get away from all the action and be able to unwind. I do agree that someone will not want to stay with a stranger, but as long as you are personable it will work. Its not a bad idea, but is it going to work, chances are slim, but thats just my opinion.Jeff
  19. Hes way off, Its ARBOR DAY, DUH!!!Jeff
  20. No significant overlay, it will be close either way, but not a huge overlay.Jeff
  21. Which is completely unfortunateJeff
  22. Was actually a good read, not gonna lie. Funny stuff, and if him and Sebok come out with a show, Im all about watching that sht.Jeff
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