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  1. Steve, is there any chance you could clear some room in your inbox for personal messages?
  2. Vogelb5


    I see that it comes w/ Itunes built in. Want to double check that you can put downloaded torrents or other movies (that arn't from Itunes) on to it like video ipods.. Can anyone verify this, though I'm almost positive you can.
  3. You probably won't be able to clear the brutal FTP bonus playing 20-30 tournaments on $600. But it does release every $20 I think so I guess it doesn't matter as much, just don't expect the full $600
  4. The OP is close, but is missing a fact. From what I've gathered... Brian is very happy with his 6max NLHE and PLO. What he is doing is dropping down limits when playing heads up. This is the part of his game that he wants to work on (possibly only PLO, but I think both). Has said he hasn't played heads up at his normal stakes since making the deal with himself. He also is saying that it's very hard for him to get action at the "lower" heads up tables and that he's playing under different names for those games.
  5. Alright sounds good. Lemme know either through pm here or just im me when ya'll get around to the chat/strategy sessions.
  6. Well I'm a bit disappointed. Looks like my cash game priority came back to hurt me. Oh well...Would be cool if ya'll do AIM chat rooms or however you go about your gatherings and talk strategy to let me eavesdrops. I would require no recognition of even being there or any help at all as I wasn't chosen, but would love the opportunity to learn. I assume this is impossible as I wasn't selected, but worth a try. Let me know or just ignore this as I'll take that as a no.Oh well, good thing you guys are doing, have fun and gl to whoever was chosen.
  7. bah, 5445 at break. Tables keeping pots very small, not much happening.I recognize AJKHoosier1 on my left, not sure about the others.Gl to the rest of ya.
  8. I recently signed up to cardrunners, loving it so far. Unfortunately I'm already through all the PLO videos. Wish they had more of these and the forums are not as active as I expected (though I've only really looked at the PLO forum). With that being said, still very much worth it. I have completely changed my PLO game and am doing very well since the switch.Could someone please leave some comments about the PLO videos on non-cardrunner sites? I only see about 8-10 on cardrunners, which is nice, but more would be better.
  9. Used to be a cash game beast on FTP, easily the most often playing of the pros. He's certainly cut down how much he plays now though. He's always claimed in interviews to hate tournaments, so it'd seem the majority came from cash. Said he flew through the ranks running very well and using bad bankroll management but continually won so it didn't matter.I am kinda curious also though, saw him playing 10/20 today. He used to be a regular at the largest games online. Wonder what's happening?
  10. You could spend 50 which covers every event. Some are just audio others are video. That's the site he's talking about, not the lone event.
  11. New time bank feature, but your time to make decisions before using the bank seems to be shorter. The font and chips might be a bit different too.. Dont see any other changes.
  12. Yea I agree they 100% charge it against you. Just trying to find the conversion rate or math behind it. Wanna see if it's worth getting the hat or if it'll end up being too expensive to be worth it. More of an issue buying items 100,000+ FTPs
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