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  1. As a photographer of sorts, I think its all about the glass (lens) and not the frame (camera thingie). Look for getting the lowest f-stop possible. Pro grade is less than 2.8f-3.0f. Most of the "cheap" packages will be about 5.8f and you'll end up looking for a second lens. For an SLR, get as much in the first package as you can.Here is the best "amateur" Nikon the D90 with full HD Video and a really good kit lens: http://www.ritzcamera.com/product/54153294...digital-camerasabout 1300Here is the Nikon D60 with two lenes that will cover both ranges and teh 60 handles legacy lenses.http://w
  2. If you are this successful and know...is it necessary to take this kind of risk to possibly gain some EV on a lower level PLO game?
  3. Hey all...yeah, I'm pimping my own stuff, but I want to give some schwag to my FCP forum buddies. I know you guys will know this.In my recent interview with Jeff Madsen, a certain semi-celeb gal dropped into the interview and interrupted and then took part in it. Her face is never on camera, but if you can guess her name, you can win a copy of "Oops, I won too much money" by 2007 WSOP Player of the Year, Tom Schneider. (Madsen won in 2006...see where I'm going here?)Details on the contest and a link to the vid are here: http://lifesabluff.com/2008/08/25/win-a-co...chneiders-book/Hope you e
  4. I'll agree he has changed his stripes...however..."only did it once" is more like he only got caught once.
  5. This should straight out ROCK BALLS!!!But how will people react to Z-Justin....given, you know, the angle shooting (putting it kindly).
  6. GAH!! CarrotTop PUBES!! WHY!!!!And yes...that was hilarious.
  7. Kevin Saul will be...I on the other hand...will not.
  8. Hey all, here's a shot of Raymer at the table from my photo-journalism/interview/donk-off-half-my-roll trip to the WSOP this year...http://www.flickr.com/photos/runtcake/2602470565/I think this also makes the point that there is a finite amount of add space on a poker player...even a large one.enjoy the rest of the photos too at http://www.flickr.com/photos/runtcake/
  9. All the BS comes down to this...A) The real fans will know a day early anyway.B) The only people really profiting here are 9 players and Harrah's. (Maybe ESPN if they come up with a scheduling miracle...I like the Thanksgiving idea.)
  10. Mega stacks are claiming to have 50 min levels with plenty of play according to the CP Poker Room supervisor I spoker with. 1k final event is even a three day.PDF of the events and details here: http://www.harrahs.com/images/non_image_as...ack_June08_.pdf
  11. HEY! Hit me up and I'll meet you for a FCP cash game challenge. I'm right there in Daly City.Also wanted to point out that Caesar's is going with the "Mega Stack" tournaments that are boating bigger chips (10-15k) and longer structures (50 min levels) than other folks for 225-550 buy ins. 1000 three day main event. You might try those.Laughed my ass off about Harrah's pillaging their own tournament action though. However, having FTed a few Caesar's tournies (go 7pm dailies!), I have to say I like their basic structure, room and player selection.Love the Venetian with the F-ing rose powder
  12. Link is working for me.If not, just go to pokerroad.com and click on the link on the side.
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