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  1. U are probably right but on what grounds gives anyone the right to do so?
  2. Do u personally know the guys in cell block D, or have you just heard stories.
  3. Please vic don't suppress your feelings. Tell me how you really feel?
  4. Of course she should have known that. She seemed to be a very intelligent girl, so knowing if she lived in a city or a town i think would be pretty easy for her to know.
  5. I understand everyone hates me and i will have to live with that. In time the details of why everything unfolded the way they did will be explained. If you cannot wait then i suggest you continue to do what you have been doing and that is wishing for me bad things to happen to me. Which is in everyones right to do and probably would be fitting for me to get hit by a car or something lol.
  6. Oh yeah tomorrow's thanksgiving. Oh wait it isn't for me because i live in Canada. How were you to know that i wasn't american though it's not like you could tell my nationality from my user name or anything
  7. Well done guys on the whole POF thing and making up a fake girl named Kitty. I give you guys props for it. It didn't take to long for me to catch on though, then i just went along with it trying to catch this person in a lie. However they did a very good job at making me believe that this could be a real person. They didn't give up any info at all which was one of the first clues this was fake. I guess the main thing was that the place she is supose to have worked at, had never heard of her. Yes i called her place of work. I got to do a little detective work of my own it was fun . Also one of
  8. Cwp xtdg uztuygv lxg uwvg. Qwm efgtbg iw spuy wss tqv vrg!
  9. add me to muckthenutz@hotmail.com for the full scamming story
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