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  1. http://www.insidestl.com/TimMcKernan/tabid...34/Default.aspxA friend of mine works for this website and helps organize these things, it's a charity tournament at a club in St.L. The current ME Chip Leader guy Dennis Phillips is going to come and it's for Bad Beat on Cancer, figured there's a few StL people here that might want to check it out. I'll be there as well, obv.
  2. JesseW316

    Dear Nikki

    -no-no-no-yes-yesCheating has a pretty standardized definition. Lap dances, etc, are not cheating. However, that doesn't mean you can just go out and do things like that and not expect any repercussions. It will depend on the girl. The bottom two are absolutely cheating, no discussion necessary. However, some girls are open to things like that in their relationship, and some are not. It's all female-specific so discuss it with your partner. The person who said don't do anything you wouldn't be completely comfortable with her finding out has a good idea. Yes. Having an erection doesn't have any direct connection with busting a nut. You get an erection when you're aroused, it's just that most of the time, busting a nut kind of centers you to a point where you aren't really aroused anymore. If you bust and are still aroused, for whatever reason, you can definitely keep the erection.
  3. JesseW316

    Dear Nikki

    How are you confused at all? Like you said, you're getting all the right signals.She's given you all sorts of indicators of interest (inviting you to hang out with her and her friends, kissing you on the cheek just bc you're leaving the bar, the list goes on and on), and your friends are saying she's just being nice!!??? I'm sure there are a lot of nice waitresses and bartenders and cashiers and receptionists where you live, and I'm willing to bet none of them kiss you on the cheek whenever you leave their place of work. She's not just being nice, and your friends are probably not getting laid very much.Amazingly, she has done this for 8 months and apparently you haven't done anything about it, yet she continues. Normally this would 100% be a friend-zone situation, but since it seems the physical familiarity has escalated in recent weeks (w/ the kiss landing more near to the mouth, and the sidling next to you), I'd say you still have an excellent shot at escalating this relationship, if that is what you would like to do.She's obviously attracted to you. When a girl is attracted to a guy, that guy is generally in complete control of the situation. The woman will continually give the man every chance to take advantage of her attraction and do something to get next to her. If the man continually fails to do this she will lose the attraction that has built up and the man will no longer have any chance at getting anywhere with the woman. For some reason, she has given you 8 months to make a move (generally she'd give you maybe a couple weeks in this situation), and you haven't lost her yet.If indeed your intentions are to escalate this relationship, the sooner the better. You must get out there and give it a shot. If the reason you're confused is because you are uncomfortable w/ the situation bc you aren't attracted to her or something, then my advice wouldn't really be necessary.If you want to get with her, then do something about it. Turn up the flirting/sexual tension.Specific directions on what to do are difficult to give, since I have absolutely no info on the girl or the bar or the specific time you guys have spent together, but the above is still definitely applicable.And don't even worry about the "semi-ex-bf", he's a non issue. When she's attracted to someone (you), it doesn't matter who else is around. She'd rather be with you.Because you're chrozzo.Keep us informed, I'm looking forward to every hot detail.
  4. Grinder can I have a stake?
  5. It's not so much that I love to shop, it's that I love always being impeccably dressed.
  6. Palm Springs ftmfw. Have house there, already.Also have family in Chicago and obv have spent a lot of time there. I love it, but it's pretty expensive and we are under 21 so a lot of the nightlife becomes a problem.However, a 4bed w/ the Wandigo in Chicago would probably be the most fun ever.I like the Canada ideas, as well. Seems reasonably priced and no age problems.
  7. I love that place. 3 stories+basement. Obv turn the "media room"/3rd floor into the super master suite since the 3rd bedroom doesn't look especially spacious, but overall awesome find.
  8. Adding DDG means your bathroom doors will be ruined.
  9. Since I'm definitely in if it's here, and only maybe in if it's San Diego or somewhere else, it gives them equal weight.I'm that +ev to live with.
  10. you wouldn't know what to do with her if you had a chance
  11. Chicago was one of the first places I looked. I think it's a bit too expensive to get a really nice place, though.and we're 19somethings for the next few months.
  12. mine's not official. That's why we put St. L on the list of places. If we found a tight place here I could stay in school for at least one more semester. I'm not sure if I want to leave or not, it's a big commitment and if I do, I have no support from family, etc.If there's a great place and a solid plan for what we're going to do, however, I'm willing to give it a semester off and take a shot. I'd def prefer St. Louis, but Idk how Baxter and MJ feel about that
  13. I like the responses so far. I haven't looked at the places yet, but the enthusiasm is encouraging. Keep them coming, and don't be afraid to enter a new city into the mix.Grinder's a tight ass, but I'll obv pay.
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