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  1. Moved to RWC in 2005. JUst bought a house here this year. I went to Capuchino HS
  2. When I sit down at a cash game live, I usually am busy paying attention to who are the worst players. If I have been sitting there for a half an hour and I can't see a soft spot or two I just get up and find another game. Game selection son. Online I just avoid most of the regs, and that seems to work. So yes I feel like usually I am one of the best at my table, but that has more to do with game selection I suppose.
  3. Funny you said that cause I ft'd a 7pm at ceasars in Jan. lol Total crapshoot at the end though. Looks like most people are siding with the WSOP. I'll probably play both.
  4. The cash games are awesome during that time of year! I love it cause there is actually more action than usual at the Venetian. I like the their pokerrom a ton more than Bellagio. Less cramped, cleaner etc... Frankly I think the only reason I play the tournies is for the whole competition factor. I am around a break even tourny player when it comes to outside my local casino(Lucky Chances) So with that being said I guess the WSOp is the way to go if I am in it for the competition aspect. You will definatly find me at the 2-5nl 5-10nl cash during June though.
  5. With the greater varience in tournaments , and a limited willingness to commit a chunk of my bankroll built up through cash games, I am just wondering if it was worth playing a couple 1500 events at WSOP when I could enter 3-5 times as many at the Venetian for the same amount of money. I understand the prestige of the WSOP but unless your playin in a 5g event or higher really don't think your getting much more out of it than the Deep Stack, but thats why im askin you guys. Thanks for the input so far
  6. After playing in a few 500 dollar Venetian Deep Stack events, and a few WSOP 1500 events last year, I feel like the deep stack events are a better value for the money. You get more chips, the blind structure is pretty close to the same. Maybe the only drawback is the fields at the Deep stack were a little tougher? Seems like the is a lot of other Casinos hopping on Venetian's bandwagon also this summer. What do you guys think?
  7. Rent? I would say cost of living vs wages in Vegas is +ev when it comes to other places to live. If you want to move to Vegas do it right. Find a job first, play as a hobby and keep records for a year. If you are serious about getting out of your situation poker should come last man.
  8. Pokerstars.Com is a lot more fun. You can learn there too. I suggest playing 2-4 nl around 11pm-12am pst every night
  9. out 671 for a whopping 30 weeeeeeee
  10. IMO Men the master's place wins "best Decorated" by far
  11. haven't been on in awhile thanks
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